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When you fix a problem, document how you did it! Our app allows you to store step by step guides for fixing issues.


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Submit, monitor, and analyze change requests. Prevent scope creep and reduce employee frustration.


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Super Easy Free Service Desk Software

Sign up for our free ticketing system, Super Easy Tickets. Not only is it super easy to use, it can also serve as an information repository for your team. Store how-to guides and common troubleshooting procedures so your clients have less downtime and your employees are less stressed! Try it out here. If you like it, we can customize a version just for you!

Tickets are not only for the IT staff. Accounting, Human Resouces, Legal, and many more will benefit from having all their issues catalogued in one place. Attempting to track client issues via e-mails and giagantic spreadsheets will result in failure! Increase customer retention and employee morale for free.

Who is this system for?

Entrepreneurs, Project Managers, and Small Business Owners: Do you need to track client issues but can't afford a CRM at the moment? With Super Easy Tickets, you can manage all your client issues and provide them with a portal to submit, and track requests.

What does a good ticket look like?

Create ticket for assistance.

  1. A good ticket has a clear, concise title that is consistent with company naming conventions and nomenclature. You want to be able to reference this ticket easily, if the need ever arises. As such, you want the title to be relevant. A general rule of thumb is to name ticket titles as you would e-mail subject lines.
  2. The best tickets include screenshots or gifs. A picture is worth a thousand words. Providing your help team with a visual depiction of your issue can help them solve your problem much quicker!
  3. A perfectly crafted ticket will include an accurate, comprehensive description of your issue. You'll the who, what, when and where of your unique situation.

A good description : The web application returns an error message that reads "404 Error" when attempting to download the Q1 sales report. I have tried using Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. I noticed this issue at 3pm today and the last time I was able to successfully download a report was yesterday around 3pm EST. Myself and others in the accounting department are all receiving the same error. Please see the attached screenshot.

A bad description : The program is broken. I cannot download the reports I need.

The difference? : The first description lets the ticket assignee know who is being impacted, which application they are using, and when the issue started. In addition, the user is reporting which browsers they've tried. They even included a screenshot for the help desk! These details help trememendously in narrowing down what the problem might be.

The second description provides very little background and essentially only alerts the ticket assign that there is a problem. There is no mention of which specific reports are needed, when they last were able to download the reports, or messaging (if any) they were presented with.

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