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palafin going from zero to hero

Palafin Competitive Guide

You have found an awesome place for EV spreads, move sets, and the best build for Palafin in...


baxcalibur as a kaiju

How To Use Baxcalibur

Here are the best Baxcalibur move sets, EV spreads, held items, and strategies to win battles in...


a Nintendo switch and a steam deck

Steam Deck Vs Nintendo Switch

Which is better Nintendo switch or Steam deck? If you have a big wallet and crave performance,...


hountrion coromon

How To Use Hountrion In Coromon

Hountrion is one of the best Electric type Coromon in the game. It can deplete SP and function...


eclyptor coromon

How To Use Eclyptor In Coromon

Eclyptor is one of the special attackers in the game with its high speed and diverse move pool....


golbeak coromon

How To Use Golbeak In Coromon

Devolve your Coromon and enhance their traits by following my simple article. Give your Coromon...


Gaming and Anime Generators

male robot image

Robot Name Generator

Use my robot name generator to come up with a creative, memorable, and fun name for your next mech.


female with angel name

Angelic Name Generator

Create thousands of male and female angelic names in seconds. Find the perfect celestial nickname.


female saiyan names

Saiyan Name Generator

Generate random Saiyan male and female names with this fun and cool generator for the ultimate...


temtem weaknesses

Temtem Weakness Calculator

Calculate how effective every attack you lauch will be with our Temtem attack effectiveness calculator.


app name generator

App Idea Generator

Ready to author the next multi-million dollar app? Check out some ideas here.


business idea generator

Business Idea Generator

Ready for a side hustle? Looking to get rid of your 9-5? We've got some suggestions that will help.


email address generator

Professional Email Generator

Get your personal branding started with a custom domain name. Here are some ideas.


temtem type matchup lookup

Percentage Of Calculator

Figure out what any number is of another number. Leave the number crunching to us.


Hard Anime Quizzes

marvel thor cosplay

Marvel Trivia Questions

Here are the best Marvel trivia questions that span the cinematic universe, television series,...


electric pokemon quiz

Electric Pokemon Trivia

Super hard trivia about Electric type Pokemon. Pikachu may be the most popular but it is not the...


death note quiz

Death Note Quiz

How well do you know Light Yagami and the rules of the most deadly notebook in the history of...


ant trivia questions

Ant Trivia

Ants are some of the most interesting little creatures on the planet. How well do you know them?


pokemon trivia hard

Galar Pokeman Trivia

The Galarian region is full of cool and powerful Pokemon. This trivia will test your knowledge...


dragon ball goku trivia

Dragon Ball Goku Trivia

Here is the toughest Goku trivia on the Internet. You will need to gather all seven dragons to...


dragon ball trunks

Dragon Ball Trunks Trivia

Test your knowledge of the time-traveling Super Saiyan Trunks here. Do you know everything about...


game of thrones trivia

Game Of Thrones Trivia

Test your Game Of Thrones knowledge with our super fun and challenging trivia questions. How...