Matt Irving, PMP, CSM, SSBB

Life should be simple. We believe technology should simplify life, not make it more complicated. Our mission is to make the hard stuff in life super easy. Since 2017, we’ve been building WordPress sites, and Web applications that increase business productivity and overall quality of life for the users.

A little about the founder.

Matt Irving is a PMI certified project manager, certified Scrum Master, certified Six Sigma Black Belt, and Software Engineer who specializes in Python and PHP development. His greatest creations, other than his 3 beautiful children, are Super Easy CRM and Super Easy PA.

Super Easy CRM started out as a passion project, then turned into an easier way to manage client relationships than Salesforce. And eventually grew to become the all-in-one, interdepartmental business management software that it is today. Matt’s love of CRMs and how greatly they benefit small businesses and entrepreneurs led him to create a CRM made specially for a crucial component of the American healthcare system, prior authorizations.

Super Easy PA is a web application that combines the task and project management elements of an operational CRM with a structured patient-centric environment for prior authorizations. Super Easy PA will give you hours of your day back. Anyone who works with prior authorizations will benefit tremendously from utilizing software dedicated to this critically important aspect of healthcare.

Feel free to check out either of the above products for 30 days, free of charge. Also, connect with the founder, Matt Irving, on LinkedIn.