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Angels are all over biblical and mythical text. They are often depicted as God's warriors fighting for the forces of good.

There are, however, some Angels who turn to the dark side and become fallen Angels. These beings are still celestial in nature but fight for a different master.

If you need a name for your new fantasy novel or just looking for a cool new username, my angel name generator below will get you where you need to be.

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What religions have Angels?

All the major monotheistic religions, Juadaism, Christianity, and Islam mention Angels in their respective scriptures. The Angels are often depicted as helpful to humans, although there are some religions in which they are indifferent.

What are fallen Angels?

Fallen Angels are angelic beings that have fallen from grace. They no longer server the armies of heaven, a.k.a good, and fight for the forces of evil.

The most famous fallen angel of all is Lucifer, who was famously casted out of heaven after a failed, Jan 6th MAGA-like coup he staged in heaven. Satan did not get kicked out by himself, however.

He convinced a number of other Angels, including Beelzebub to rise up against God. But, with a name like Beelzebub he was probably destined to do bad anyway.

Who is the strongest Angel?

In Christianity, the Angels are organized into a hierarchy with Archangels being the strongest in God's army. The top tier Angel is the Archangel Michael.

In fact, Michael is so strong that he was the one who finally toppled Satan in the War of Heaven. In Catholicism, Angels are ranked based on their intelligence not battle prowess.

The smartest Angel originally created was actually Satan.