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Wield the power of Ymir, the founding Titan, and build your own titans complete with their abilities and current wielders. To get started, simply pick a gender or leave that option blank for a gender-neutral name.

Next, click the generate button and be instantly transmitted to the island of Paradis! And just like the show/manga, your titans will come in an awesome set of nine.


While you're enjoying all the unique titan names and powers my generator creates, take a few minutes to scroll down for some fun AOT facts and some of my theories about the series.

Which titan power was the strongest?

Without question, the single most powerful titan power is the Founder, also known as the coordinate. The wielders of this power can do nearly anything they want.

We've seen past holders of the founding Titan alter the DNA of millions of people to make them resistant to a strand of a virus, re-create titans seemingly out of thin air and cause millions of subjects of Ymir to lose their memories.

The Founder's abilities are truly only limited by the imagination and motivations of the wielder. And no one wielded the power quite as memorable as Mr. Eren Yaeger.

Was Eren stronger than Ymir?

Though Eren was powerful enough to wipe out 80% of the globe's population, he was not of royal blood; thus, he never really wielded power quite like Ymir did. Eren was only able to commit the monstrous acts of terror he did because Ymir lent him her power.

Ymir just lacked Eren's motivation and temperament. She has enough power to completely wipe out everyone on Earth but suffers from the most severe case of Stockholm's Syndrome I've ever seen, so she never uses it against her tormentors.

Which Titan has the coolest power?

The best power belongs to the War Hammer titan. This beast can create any weapon of its choosing out of thin air. It uses its titan crystals to form all sorts of cool weapons, from crossbows to swords to the iconic war hammer itself.

Sadly, this Titan only had a very brief appearance, but it was a memorable one. In a one-on-one bout the Attack Titan was about to be destroyed by the War Hammer until Mikasa and company intervened.

There are a couple of drawbacks to the War Hammers's awesome powers. One is that creating all those cool weapons severely depletes its stamina and speed. And second, its most drastic flaw is that the wielder is tethered to the Titan by a long string.

This is unique among titan shifters as the piloting human generally resides in the nape of the neck. Being tethered by a long string of titan flesh make the human inside vulnerable and significantly limits the mobility of the War Hammer Titan.

The crystal cacoon the wielder resides in is tough enough to withstand most impact but the string itself appears to be severed relatively easily.

Why did Eren turn evil?

Eren was originally a fairly happy person with a strong sense of justice. But, his glimpse into the future after kissing Historia's hand led him down a very dark road. He realized and accepted that he's destined to become a monster that stomps on millions of innocent people in an unholy titan parade.

Eren turned out to be a homicidal monster, but his intentions were always somewhat pure and noble in some respects. He wanted to make the world safer for the people he loved most, his friends. And in his mind, this meant wiping out the rest of the world, including his own mother.

And therein lies one of the many complexities of Eren's characer. He loved his buddies so much that he allowed a titan to make a meal of his mother.

Why did Eren order a titan to eat his mother?

Eren seemingly sent the smiling Titan, formerly known as Dina Fritz to devour his mother. The irony of Eren's mother's demise being caused by this particular Titan is that it (the Titan) was originally Zeke's (Eren's brother) mother. So, Eren ordered his father's first wife to unalive the second wife!

His reasoning behind this was likely to ensure that he'd join the Survey Corps and maintain an intense hatred for the Titans. These events would need to transpire in order for the Rumbling to take place.

Eren was horrible, but my generators are what the world really needs!

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