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palafin going from zero to hero

Palafin Competitive Guide


You have found an awesome place for EV spreads, move sets, and the best build for Palafin in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Learn how to use Zero To...... View

baxcalibur as a kaiju

How To Use Baxcalibur


Here are the best Baxcalibur move sets, EV spreads, held items, and strategies to win battles in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.... View

a Nintendo switch and a steam deck

Steam Deck Vs Nintendo Switch


Which is better Nintendo switch or Steam deck? If you have a big wallet and crave performance, the choice is clear.... View

the best bots for arena battles

Top 6 Bots In Botworld Adventure


Here are the best bots in Botworld Adventure. Some are Epic and others are Rare but all are easy to find and smash opponents with.... View

four star dragon ball

17 Saiyan Facts That You Never Heard Of


Saiyans are the most famous race in Dragon Ball and have a ton of interesting traits. The most fascinating is their godly memory enabling them to...... View

mobile monster taming game

Monster Taming Games


Monster taming games are fun video games that feature monster taming as a central part of their gameplay and story progression.... View

yowler location

How To Use Yowlar


Yowlar is one of the strongest Temtem in the game. Its a Neutral Tem with decent coverage moves and two amazing Traits, Cold-Blooded and Comebacker.... View

hountrion coromon

How To Use Hountrion In Coromon


Hountrion is one of the best Electric type Coromon in the game. It can deplete SP and function as a mixed attacker.... View

eclyptor coromon

How To Use Eclyptor In Coromon


Eclyptor is one of the special attackers in the game with its high speed and diverse move pool. Here are his best sets, potential point spreads,...... View

golbeak coromon

How To Use Golbeak In Coromon


Devolve your Coromon and enhance their traits by following my simple article. Give your Coromon the edge in battle with this unique mechanic.... View

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