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beat galios temtem

How To Defeat Galios: 3rd and Final Mythical Temtem


Here is how to beat the Galios lair. Check out the best team to beat Galios and the perfect items to use.... View

how to start teal mask dlc

How To Start Teal Mask DLC - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


Ready to start your Teal Mask adventure but not sure how? Follow this simple guide to update Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.... View

pokemon wolf pack

The Best Wolf Pokemon


Here are the best wolf Pokemon in the game, along with awesome movesets to create your own puppy-powered squad!... View

fox pokemon in den

The Best Fox Pokemon


Here are the best fox Pokemon in the games and anime. Check out my all fox Pokemon team, complete with movesets today!... View


Monkey Pokemon


Here are the best monkey Pokemon in the games and anime. Check out my all monkey Pokemon team, complete with movesets today!... View

iron thorns in front of a nintendo switch

Best Pokemon Games on Switch


These are the best Pokemon games on Switch. Check out the number of Pokemon they have and their unique mechanics today!... View

pokeball images

Favorite Pokemon Of Each Type


Here are my favorite Pokemon of each type. From Fire types to Fairies, I have them all. Check out who made the final cut!... View

pokemon soul silver on pc

Pokemon Soul Silver ROM


Download this Pokemon Soul Silver ROM to play Pokemon on your PC. Check out the shiny codes and other cheats to enhance your gameplay.... View

walking wake in jungle

Walking Wake Competitive Guide


These Walking Wake builds are the best as they focus on maximizing its Protosynthesis ability through sun support and a proper EV spread. ... View

galaxy eyes photon dragon cross duel

Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon Deck


Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon is a terror in Cross Duel. A combination of negation abilities and attack boosts make it nearly impossible to stop.... View

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