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pokeball images

Favorite Pokemon Of Each Type


Here are my favorite Pokemon of each type. From Fire types to Fairies, I have them all. Check out who made the final cut!... View

pokemon soul silver on pc

Pokemon Soul Silver ROM


Download this Pokemon Soul Silver ROM to play Pokemon on your PC. Check out the shiny codes and other cheats to enhance your gameplay.... View

walking wake in jungle

Walking Wake Competitive Guide


These Walking Wake builds are the best as they focus on maximizing its Protosynthesis ability through sun support and a proper EV spread. ... View

galaxy eyes photon dragon cross duel

Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon Deck


Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon is a terror in Cross Duel. A combination of negation abilities and attack boosts make it nearly impossible to stop.... View

defeat percival temtem

Arbury Dojo Rematch Guide


Here is the best squad to use in the Arbury Dojo rematch located in Properton. Pick your strongest Electric Temtem and best gear!... View

galaxy photon dragon

How To Farm Gems Fast In Cross Duel


Here are the best ways to farm gems in Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel. Instead of buying crystals, earn gems through Tag and Challenge Duels.... View

luma innki

How To Use Innki


Here are the best Innki builds, gear, TV spreads, and movesets. He is one of the best Electric Temtem in the game and perfect for your next battle.... View

spam email signs

How To Spot Phishing Email


As scammers and hackers get more sophisticated, it becomes increasingly difficult for security professionals to prevent breaches. To make...... View

luma scaravolt

How To Use Scaravolt


Here is the best Scaravolt build and how to use it to win Dojo Master rematches every week.... View

change coromon potent system

Change Coromon Color Palette


Here is how to change your Coromon's color scheme in a few easy steps. Keep in mind the potential system drives the colors you have available.... View

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