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Shiny Coromon in Battle

Does Coromon Have Shinies?


Shinies are common in most monster taming games, Coromon included. But the game has its own unique shiny system with two cool color variants.... View

clodsire in the swamp

Clodsire Competitive Guide


Here are the best movesets, natures, abilities, and items for the Paldean variant of the Wopper evolutionary line, Clodsire. ... View

stab bonus in temtem

Does Temtem Have STAB?


STAB in Temtem much like Pokemon, Coromon, and other monster-taming games provide power bonuses whenever a monster uses moves they share typing with.... View

slap battles in roblox

How To Get Error Glove in Slap Battles


Are you wondering how to get the error glove in Slap Battles? Look no further, here is the quickest and easiest way to get it.... View

golzy tv and sv

Temtem SV vs TV


In Temtem the two most important values for raising Temtem are TVs and SVs. Here is everything you need to know about them.... View

shiny iron thorns

Iron Thorns Competitive Guide


Learn how to use Pokemon's very own mecha kaiju, Iron Thorns in competitive play today. Here are the best movesets, natures, and held items for...... View

riding cyclizar from pokemon scarlet and violet

How To Use Cyclizar


The best Cyclizar ev spreads, builds, held items and move sets. Use the hidden ability of Rengerator along with Shed Tail to score easy victories.... View

pawmot from pokemon scarlet and violet ready for battle

How To Use Pawmot


Here are the best builds, abilities, and held items for Pawmot. Be sure to use Revival Blessing to bring back your toughest Pokemon.... View

tinktaon sleeping

How To Use Tinktaton


Tinkaton is a hammer-slinging best of a troll. Here are its best ev spreads, natures, held items, and move sets.... View

pokemon Ceruledge

Ceruledge Build and Competitive Guide


I have the best Ceruledge builds, move sets, EV spreads, and held item recommendations on the web. Learn how to use the ghostly night in...... View

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