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Trivia Questions About Cartoons

Cartoons have been around for ages now. They have brought laughter and joy to adults and children all over the globe.

Throughout the years, many cartoons have developed cult followings and deep, rich lore surrounding them. As such, it is the perfect topic for your next trivia game night.











Now that you have taken (and probably passed...right?) my quiz. Here are some cool cartoon facts that you likely did not know!

Fantasmagorie was the first cartoon ever

Fantasmagorie is considered to be the first cartoon ever made. It was created back in 1908 by a French artist by the name of Émile Cohl.

Also in 1908, the first Model T vehicle was sold by Ford. Quite an eventful year for innovation.

Mickey Mouse is the 1st cartoon character to get a start on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

No other cartoon character can be seen on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Mickey is probably the most recognizable figure in all of cartoon history.

He has been featured in movies, T.V. shows, and made countless cameos through Disney-affiliated shows.

The longest running cartoon is NOT The Simpsons

The longest running cartoon in history is actually Sazae-san. As the name would suggest, it's an animated series from Japan.

He has been featured in movies, and T.V. shows and made countless cameos through Disney affiliated shows.

The story centers around a woman named Sazae and her many adventures. The series has been running since 1969 making it by far the longest-running animated series around.

Pokemon was almost canceled due to an episode that triggered seizures in children

Back in the 90s the Pokemon anime was bigger than Bill Clinton's scandals. The anime was great and the games were even better.

However, one episode caused around 600 children to be rushed to the hospital due to epileptic seizures. The seizures were caused by a scene in which Team Rocket with a giant Porygon with lasers.

The resulting explosions sent off flashing lights that induced photosensitive epileptic seizures. Pokemon went on hiatus for a while but came back and continues running today.

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