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Welcome to the best Fantasy Country Names Generator on the web! Unlike other generators out there, mine will give you awesome names and a host of cool attributes about your fantasy country including fantasy currency names.

With every click you'll get this:

  • A unique country name
  • Date your country was founded
  • The name of its current leader
  • Its GDP
  • Current ruling political party
  • Currency
  • And finally, a nice fun fact about the country

To get started, simply click the generate button and prepare to be addicted!


What are some great fictional countries?

The most captivating fictional country that I've seen recently is the Republic of Gilead in "The Handmaid's Tale." For those who don't know, Gilead is the result of another American civil war that saw the end of the United States as we know it.

The war was sparked by opposing views on what the nation should do about the dramatic decline in births, resulting in a severe underpopulation problem. The more theocratic, cruel branch of the government decided to strip women of their rights, abuse them, and treat them as nothing more than breeding stock.

Unfortunately, the more sensible part of the country lost the war efforts and had to flee to Canada. Those who were left behind assimilated into the newly formed culture of misogyny and subjugation.

Women were classified into one of three roles:

  • Handmaids, who were forced to bear children for the ruling elite.

  • Marthas, who were responsible for domestic tasks and maintenance of households.

  • Wives, who were married to the elite men and held a higher social status, albeit still lacking fundamental rights.

Technically, there is a fourth class of women, known as unwomen. These unfortunate souls were treated worst of all. They were force to endure things that would very quickly get me de-monetized if I described them in detail.

Use this country generator and real countries to create your own

Some of the most captivating countries in fiction are heavily inspired by real-world nations. Try to take a normal, somewhat peaceful country like Canada and reimagine it in a world where a law was interpreted too literally or applied to only a certain segment of the population.

The resulting rebellion and impact on society at large will make for some very entertaining reading. Keep creating and if you need inspiration for a city name, check out my fantasy city name generator.

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