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Create the perfect name for your character with the Internet's best fantasy human names generator. Unlike other generators, mine will provide you with everything you need to create your character. With each click you'll get the following:

  • First and last name

  • Special Power

  • Goals

I've got you covered with the first six names, if you don't like them, click the 'Generate' button to get a brand new set of.

Creating a great fantasy story involves building engaging characters that readers and viewers can form some type of bond with, be it a villain or hero. Here are some of the best humans in all of fantasy.

The Mad Queen - Daenerys Targaryen

Dany from Game of Thrones was my favorite character in the entire franchise. She was strong, fierce, and unrelenting in her goals. Though the writers saw fit to absolutely burn her character arc with dragon fire in the final season, she was a memorable character nonetheless.

She possessed the ability to tame and mount dragons but her most impressive feat by far was to unite and inspires thousands across Westeros to follow a woman, at a time where misogyny was commplace.

The guy that gets away with everything Joe Goldberg

Joe Goldberg from the Netflix series You is a charming underdog of sorts who looks out for those in need and has a soft spot for children. This would be cool if it weren't for the other side of Joe; the homicidal, obessive maniac.

You'd be forgiven if you overlooked the dark side of Joe and even rooted for him to evade capture becuase his character is just so captivating. He's a smart guy so he knows what he's doing is terrible but he just can't help himself.

This internal conflict coupled with Joe's high intelligence and whit makes him one of the most entertaining fictional characters around.

The Mentalist - Patrick Jane

If you haven't seen the Mentalist, I highly recommend doing so...immediately. Its a crime drama about Patrick Jane, a mentalist, who's primary job before he became a consultant for the police was being a phony psychic.

He is borderline super naturally intelligent and uses his mental prowess to solve mysteries with relative ease. Like most great characters Jane has a very tragic backstory.

His wife and young child were unalived by a prolific serial un-aliver named Red John. Jane has a game of cat and mouse with this villain that is very similar to the dynamic between L and Light Yagami in Death Note.

Start creating with my Fantasy Human Name Generator

Use some of my favorite fantasy characters and my super addictive generator to bolster your creativity. If you need further inspiration check out my random super power generator.

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