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Whether you're playing Xenoverse or just looking for a new cool gamer tag, my Frieza Name Generator is the tool to use. Unlike other generators on the Internet, mine will not only give you a cool Frieza Race Name, but your character's power level and their current form.

To get started, simply pick a gender, or leave that field blank. Next, click the generate button and prepare to become one of Universe 7's most powerful jerks.


If you'd rather scroll through a nice, long list of name ideas for Frieza's race, click here.

What is Frieza's Race?

Though there is no official name for Frieza's race, many have begun to refer to them as Frost Demons. The members of the race that we've met all have tails, super high power levels, and a supreme level of arrogance.

The arrogance is not without reason, however, as the frost demons are all born with absurdly high power levels. This has enabled them to achieve planet destroying levels of power with little to no training.

Who is Frieza's mother?

To date, Frieza's mother has yet to be mentioned. His father, King Cold, seems to have raised him since birth. Frost demons may have similar reproductive biology to Namekians, in that they may not need a female to produce offspring.

Can Frieza Regenerate?

Frieza's race has limited regenerative capabilities, though not to the extent Namekians do. If limbs or their tail are severed, transforming the next stage will bring them back.

Frieza Race Names

As promised, here are the best names for members of the frost demon Frieza race I could think of.

  1. Frese

  2. Gillato

  3. Froyo

  4. Cubez

  5. Berg

  6. Bytefros

  7. Ayecee

  8. Freon

  9. Isickul

  10. Pole

  11. Arrtik

  12. Frosjak

  13. Frijid

  14. Shiverr

  15. Hypotherm

  16. Kakigori

  17. Curstard

  18. Stratus

  19. Polaris

  20. Zero

Enjoy more Frieza content!

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Overall, Frieza is an intriguing character that we all love to hate. I can almost forgive him for sending my favorite character, Vegeta, to the Shadow Realma since he gave us so many entertaining episodes and arcs.

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