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How To Come Up With A Great Goblin Name?

Use this cool generator to come up with goblin name ideas for WoW, Dungeons and Dragons, or your next fantasy game. Both male and female names are available.

Generate up to 6 goblin names at a time below.

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If you need some additional inspiration, here are some famous goblin characters.


Hobgoblin is a Marvel villain who took the original Goblin formula used by Norman Osborn and altered it to make an even crazier version. The character is not a traditional goblin but it is one of the most famous ones around.


These fictional beasts rose to fame in the 80s and early 90s with a series of films centered around their terrifying antics. Gremlins from the movie were magical in origin and had a vicious appetite for mischief.

They weren't all bad, however. Gizmo, the mogwai from the film was cute and peaceful. However, if you spill water on it or feed it after midnight, all hell breaks loose!

Are goblins evil?

In most fictional tales, goblins are depicted as evil or at the very least mischievous. Most of the time, they aren't motivated by anything other than raw emotion.

They seldom have a grand plan or scheme they are working on. Goblins aren't totally one-dimensional, however, some have complex hierarchical social structures.

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