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Let fate decide what side you choose in the war between the Greens and the Blacks. To find your House of Dragon name, simply choose your gender from the list below or select the 'Random' option for gender neutral name. Next, click the generate button, and you'll instantly learn your HOG name, allegience, and if you're a Targaryen or Valaryon, you may end up with a dragon of your own.

Once you've settled on the perfect House of Dragon name, keep on scrolling for some fun facts about the Targaryen Civil War also known as the Dance of Dragons. Proceed with caution as there are some major spoilers ahead.

Who survives the dance of dragons?

Of those who participated in one of the most brutal civil wars in all of fantasy, only a handful survived. Here is a list of the major characters who managed to make it out alive and the side they were allied with.

  1. Lord Corlys Velaryon - The Blacks

  2. Baela Targaryen - The Blacks

  3. Alyn Velaryon - The Blacks

  4. Lord Larys Strong - The Greens

  5. Lord Ormund Hightower - The Greens

  6. Prince Daeron Targaryen - The Greens

  7. Lady Alicent Hightower - The Greens

  8. Lord Borros Baratheon - The Greens

  9. Lady Jeyne Arryn - The Blacks

  10. Lady Rhaena Targaryen - The Blacks

  11. Lord Cregan Stark - The Blacks

  12. Lord Kermit Tully - The Blacks

  13. Lord Stark Tully - The Blacks

  14. Prince Joffrey Velaryon - The Blacks

  15. Lord Unwin Peake - The Greens

  16. Ser Tyland Lannister - The Greens

You'll notice that neither of the individuals who sat on the throne at the time of the conflict actually survived. Both Rhaenyra Targaryen and her brother Aegon were killed and would never sit on the Iron Throne again.

Like most wars, little was accomplished, many lost their lives, and the ones most impacted were the citizens.

Both sides employed the use of Dragonseeds

Since both the Greens and Blacks were looking for any means to gain an advantage in battle, they turned to non-royals for assistance. The Dragonseeds were common people who claimed Targaryen ancestry. They would mount dragons just as royals would and use them to wage firey war against their opponents.

Here are some the more notable Dragonseeds.

  1. Hugh Hammer - The Blacks (later The Greens)

  2. Ulf the White - The Blacks (later The Greens)

  3. Nettles - The Blacks

  4. Addam Velaryon - The Blacks

  5. Daemon Velaryon - The Blacks

More Game of Thrones and House of Dragon Content!

If you're itching for more House of Dragon or Thrones content my site has got you covered. With my Targaryen Generator you'll get a traditional Targaryen name, a title, and a mythical beast of dragon with every single click. And for those who fancy a good quiz, head over to the Game of Thrones Quiz for a royal challenge.

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