Insulin Day Supply Calculator

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Determine the day supply for an insulin prescription by entering the number of units prescribed per day. For example, if the script reads 35U before lunch and 35U after dinner, enter 70 in the day supply field.

Be mindful of the expiration date of the insulin being dispensed. Some brands only last 28 days after opening. For these, additional vials will need to be dispensed if the sig on the script calls for a day supply greater than the shelf life after opening.

If you are unsure of when a vial of insulin expires, feel free to consult the chart below this form.


How much insulin should be dispensed?

If you are ever unsure of the amount of insulin to dispense to a patient, consult the prescribing physician or a licensed pharmacist. This page only serves as a guide and should not be relied upon to make any medical decisions!

Brand Name Expires After Opening
Lantus 28 Days
Basaglar 28 days
Semglee 28 Days
Toujeo 56 Days
Levemir 42 Days
Humalog 28 Days
Humulin R 28 Days
Novolin R 28 Days


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