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Welcome to the Internet's premier place for awesome lost ark name ideas. Unlike other sites that only offer an ark name, mine will give you the following with each click of the generate button.

  • Your character's class

  • The meaning of their name

  • Their height and weight

For additional inspiration, check out this list of Lost Ark classes and their meanings.

Lost Ark Classes and their Meanings

  • Warrior - Embodies strength and bravery, often leading the charge in battles. Warriors in Lost Ark are renowned for their combat prowess and unwavering courage.

  • Mage - Wielders of arcane secrets and elemental powers, Mages use their profound knowledge to control the battlefield and support their allies.

  • Assassin - Masters of stealth and surprise attacks, Assassins strike from the shadows, using agility and cunning to defeat their foes.

  • Gunner - Experts in ranged weaponry, Gunners bring firepower to the fight, capable of dealing massive damage from afar.

  • Martial Artist - Combining physical prowess with inner strength, Martial Artists are versatile fighters who can adapt to any challenge.

  • Bard - With their melodies, Bards can heal wounds and bolster the spirits of their allies, proving that music is a powerful ally in battle.

  • Paladin - Holy warriors imbued with divine power, Paladins defend the innocent and smite the wicked, serving as beacons of hope.

  • Scrapper - Fierce and relentless, Scrappers are close-quarters combat specialists who thrive in the heart of the fray.

  • Soulfist - Channeling their inner chi into devastating attacks, Soulfists are a testament to the power of mind over body.

  • Striker - Agile and powerful, Strikers deliver rapid, hard-hitting strikes to overwhelm their enemies quickly.

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