Luma Odds Calculator

Here are the odds of capturing a luma Temtem now that the game is out of Early Access.

luma odds

Calculate the likelihood of obtaining a Luma Temtem this week. At the time of writing, your odds of obtaining a Luma Temtem are 1 in 7,500. Even with multipliers, you are still facing an uphill battle. Although this is a large improvement over the 1 in 10,000 chance you had prior to 1.0 being released.

Here are some methods that can help you increase your odds but nothing will guarantee a Luma.

Use a Temtem Radar

These radars allow you to encounter a specific evolutionary line. You will need to defeat or capture the Tems within the evolutionary line to keep the chain going.

Once you defeat 100 Tems, the Luma multiplier will be at 5x and then become 10x when you defeat 200. The radar will break at 300 and you won't be able to attempt chaining again until you get another radar. This is another improvement that came with 1.0 but does have the downside of you being able to break the chain and the radar at the first encounter.

Since the game has left early access, there is now an endgame island that allows you to obtain these radars without defeating Dojo Masters. Here is how you obtain these awesome items.

Hunt in Saipark

Saipark multipliers seldom go over 4x but they do provide you with a week's worth of encounters. Given the univerally low encounter rate, Luma hunting is an extremely boring and tedious process. However, it is worth it if you want a Tem with an awesome color scheme.


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