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Get thousands of unique magic items complete with their names, powers, and weaknesses with my random magic item generator. Start out with six unique items, then click the 'Shuffle Magic Items' button to generate a new set of six to choose from.

If you're still searching for the perfect name for your magical item, here are some famous ones from film, anime, and television for additional inspiration.

Famous Magical Items

  • Millennium Puzzle


    Who currently wields it? Atem the Pharaoh

    What does it do? The Millennium Puzzle grants the wielder mysterious powers, including the ability to summon and control Duel Monsters. It also houses the soul of the ancient Pharaoh Atem, providing wisdom, guidance, and the ability to cheat in card games with impunity.

  • Death Note


    Who currently wields it? Previously wielded by Light Yagami

    What does it do? The Death Note allows its holder to kill anyone whose name is written in its pages, provided the writer can picture the person’s face. This power comes with intricate rules that manipulate the circumstances of the death, making it a potent and dangerous tool.

  • Time Rings


    Who currently wields it? Used by the Supreme Kais

    What does it do? Time Rings allow the wearer to travel to the future and return to their original time. They are unique in that they also prevent the wearer from altering past events, thereby protecting the flow of time from potentially catastrophic changes.

  • Mjolnir


    Who currently wields it? Thor Odinson

    What does it do? This enchanted hammer can only be lifted by those deemed 'worthy,' granting the user the ability to control thunder and fly.

  • Excalibur


    Who currently wields it? Historically wielded by King Arthur

    What does it do? Excalibur is a symbol of divine kingship and justice, providing supernatural aid in ensuring peace and order.

  • The One Ring


    Who currently wields it? Destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom

    What does it do? It grants invisibility to its wearer but at the cost of slowly corrupting and consuming the bearer’s physical and mental health.

  • The Elder Wand


    Who currently wields it? Last known master was Harry Potter

    What does it do? Known as the most powerful wand in the wizarding world, it amplifies magical abilities and spells to an unbeatable level.

  • Cloak of Invisibility


    Who currently wields it? Last known possessor was Harry Potter

    What does it do? This cloak renders the wearer completely invisible, making it perfect for stealth and protection from detection.

Once you've found the perfect magical item, head over to my sword name generator to find the perfect offensive item to pair it with. The fun does't stop there, you can generate a super power and origin story for your character with my hero name and origin story generator.

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