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Craft the perfect name for the necromancer in your fictional work with the Internet's best source for necromancer name ideas. Unlike other generators out there on the web, mine will grant you an engaging and original backstory with every name.

To get started, select a gender or leave that option blank for gender-neutral names. Next, click the generate button and prepare to have your creativity resurrected instantly with six unique necromancer names.


What is a Necromancer, Really?

A necromancer is a type of magic user specializing in the dark arts of necromancy, which involves the summoning and manipulation of the dead. In various fictional tales, necromancers have the power to reanimate and control deceased beings, ranging from animals to mythical creatures like demi-gods and monsters.

Their abilities often include communicating with spirits, resurrecting the dead, and sometimes even wielding spectral forces as tools or weapons. Many also have the ability to fire energy based projectiles, similar to ki blasts in Dragon Ball Z

Flight, though not to the extent of Superman, is also a power necromancers wield. They can generally cruise through the night's sky and relatively quick speeds. In addition to flight, they can levitate using the spiritual energy they conjure.

Who are some famous necromancers?

Here are some of the most famous necromancers around. You can find them in various media, from video games to anime to movie franchises.

  • Nagash

  • Sauron

  • Lich King (Arthas Menethil)

  • Necromancer (Diablo II)

  • Bellatrix Lestrange

  • Morghast

  • Liliana Vess

  • Heinrich Kemmler

  • Sabriel

  • Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Caster)

Are there any necromancers in Marvel?

There are a few powerful necromancers in the Marvel franchise but Dr. Strange is not one of them. He's a powerful sorcerer without a doubt and has dabbled in the mystical arts surrounding the undead. However, necromancy was never his focus.

Another, lesser-known character, Daimon Hellstrom, is a necromancer with the ability to summon spirits and manipulate the demonic forces of hell. He's so powerful, he is know by some as the literal Son of Satan

How about DC, any necromancers there?

DC has its own powerful graveyard huggers, with Felix Faust being one of the better-known ones. He often fights with the Justice League, using his ability to control and manipulate the dead to smack around various heroes.

One of his most notorious and impactful acts of villainy was his conjuring of the Demonic three: Abnegazar, Rath, and Ghast. Without spoiling too much of the story for those interested, the deal he struck with these demons would have granted him immense power, probably even enough to stop Superman himself.

Keep creating magical stories with my fantasy inspired tools

With all the AI-powered stories floating around, it's refreshing to enjoy work that comes solely from the beautiful mind of a creative soul. To help you build the next great fantasy story, check out my other generators: the Fantasy Human Name Generator and my Random Magic Item Generator.

When it comes to great fiction, it's important to stay true to your audience's expectations while giving them something engaging and fresh to latch onto. Don't try so hard to be different that you just end up being weird and cringe worthy.

Always be yourself and let your unique personality shine through your work.

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