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Create fun and unique orc names with my free orc names generator. Unlike other randomizers on the Internet, mine gives you a cool mythical weapon and a clan name.

This tool is perfect for fan faction, fantasy novels, or your next DnD or World of Warcraft playthrough. To get started, simply choose a gender, or leave the option blank. From there, click the generate button and let my robots handle the rest.


Now that you've got some cool orc names, enjoy these fun facts all about orcs.

Orc Trivia

  1. Orcs are typically depicted as a brutish, aggressive and warlike species.
  2. They have a humanoid appearance, often with green, grey, or black skin.
  3. Orcs are usually portrayed as having great physical strength.
  4. Many orc societies are depicted as tribal and patriarchal.
  5. They are often portrayed as having a rough, guttural language.
  6. In many mythologies, orcs are created by dark powers.
  7. Orcs typically have a lifespan similar to or slightly shorter than humans.
  8. They often live in harsh environments like mountains or wastelands.
  9. Orcs are usually seen as skilled warriors, often favoring axes and similar weapons.
  10. Many orcs are shown to be resistant to disease and physical pain.
  11. In some settings, orcs have tusks or large lower canines.
  12. Orcish culture often values strength and combat prowess.
  13. Orcs are typically seen in fantasy literature and role-playing games.
  14. They are often used as foot soldiers by evil characters in fantasy settings.
  15. Orcs often have a negative reputation among other species in fantasy settings.
  16. They are known for their ability to adapt and survive in various environments.
  17. Some orcs are portrayed as skilled hunters or trackers.
  18. Orcs can be of various classes, including warriors, shamans, and even warlocks in some settings.
  19. In some settings, orcs are capable of using dark magic.
  20. Their societies are often depicted as highly militaristic.
  21. Orcs often have a culture of honor, valuing strength and victory in battle.
  22. Orcish craftsmanship is typically simple and functional, favoring practicality over aesthetics.
  23. Orcs often ride wolves or similar beasts in battle.
  24. In some stories, orcs are capable of interbreeding with humans and other humanoid species.
  25. Orcs are typically carnivorous, often preferring a diet of meat.
  26. They are often depicted as nocturnal creatures, being most active at night.
  27. Some settings depict orcs as having a deep connection to nature and earth-based magic.
  28. In many fantasy settings, orcs have their own gods or spiritual beliefs.
  29. Orcs can often be found serving as mercenaries or bandits in fantasy stories.
  30. In some stories, orcs have a lifespan that's much shorter than humans.
  31. Many orc societies are organized into clans or tribes.
  32. Some settings depict orcs as being particularly susceptible to corruption or dark influences.
  33. Orcs are often seen as excellent siege fighters, known for their ability to take down fortifications.
  34. In some settings, orcs practice ritual scarification or tattooing.
  35. Orcs are often associated with chaotic alignments in role-playing games.
  36. Some settings depict orcs as having a strong sense of loyalty to their clans or tribes.
  37. Orcs are known for their ability to withstand harsh climates and tough living conditions.
  38. In many settings, orcs are feared for their ferocity in battle.
  39. Despite their reputation, orcs can be of any moral alignment, not just evil.
  40. Orcs often have a deep-seated hatred for elves and dwarves in fantasy settings.
  41. Many orcs are shown to be proficient with various types of weapons and armors.
  42. In some fantasy settings, orcs are capable of forming organized armies and waging large-scale wars.
  43. While orcs are often seen as lacking in diplomacy, some can be quite cunning and intelligent.
  44. Orcs often live in a society where the strong rule over the weak.
  45. Many fantasy settings depict orcs as excellent miners and smiths.
  46. Orcs often have a close relationship with various monstrous creatures, such as trolls or goblins.
  47. In many stories, orcs are portrayed as having a love for battle and combat.
  48. While often depicted as warriors, orcs can also be seen as shamans, berserkers, or even necromancers in some settings.
  49. Orcs are often seen as having a simple, but effective strategy in warfare.
  50. In many settings, orcs show a distinct lack of fear in the face of danger or even death.
  51. Orcs often bear a distinctive, fearsome appearance to intimidate their enemies.
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