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Gym Leaders in the Pokemon games and anime are Pokemon Trainers that have been deemed strong enough by their region of residence's Pokemon League to run their own gyms.

In general, Pokemon trainer names relate to the main types of Pokemon. However, this is not always the case as some just have regular names.

To create your own gym leader or gather some pokemon trainer name ideas simply click the Generate button below and let the robots do the work for you.

Along with a cool name, you will get a team of six Pokemon all sharing the type of your new Gym Leader.


Now that you have your new Gym Leader's name along with his or her team; enjoy some fun Pokemon Trainer trivia.

How do you become a Gym Leader?

To become a Gym Leader, you need to be appointed by the Pokemon League of the region you would like to work in. There are no residence requirements as they are in United States politics, so theoretically you can visit a region and become a Gym Leader during your stay.

Most commonly used Pokemon by Gym Leaders

As of generation 9, the most commonly used Pokemon by all Gym Leaders are Gyrados and Pelipper. This is largely due to water-type pokemon being super common and both Pokemon having dual typing (Water + Flying).

In the anime, Ash loses at least once to a gym leader

Ash is currently the best trainer in the world but prior to that, he took Ls in Gym battles in every region he battled in. In fact, the only time he didn't lose a Gym battle was in the Orange League.

Dark type gyms received very little love from Game Freak

The Dark type debuted in Pokemon Gold and Silver back in the late 90s. It took Game Freak 20 years to give the type its own gym.

The player's father is a gym leader in one game

If you played Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald you know that the Normal type gym leader is actually your father. In every other game you are "cared for" by a single mother (who lets you, a 10-year-old travel the world alone!).

Blaine, the fire type Kantoian Gym Leader created Mewtwo

It is revealed in the Pokemon manga that Blaine was the scientist responsible for creating Mewtwo. He managed to create the psychic cat-man from an eyelash he found that belonged to Mew.

The gym that appears in the most regions

The Pokemon type that appears in most regions in Electric. However, the type with the most Gyms is Water.

This is because both Unova and Hoenn have two aquatic-themed gym bosses a piece.

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