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Pokemon names normally reflect either the Pokemon's type or the real life animal or mythological creature they are based on. Some examples are Slaking, who is based on a sloth and Krabby, who is obviously based on an Egyptian Pharoah...just kidding.

To use my name generator for Pokemon, simply select a type (fire, electric, grass, etc.) from the dropdown below. Once you have it, click the Generate button and my robots will give you the coolest nicknames you'll find on the Internet.

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A nickname as cool as the one you just generated should be shared with the world. Check out my random pokemon generator to create a fun team to nickname and wreck other trainers with.

If you still need inspiration, check out my personal collection of Pokemon names that I've used throughout the years.

  • Fightchu the Raichu
  • Cloddy with Meatballs the Clodsire
  • Dead of Knight the Ceruledge
  • Leodrake the Walking Wake
  • Mechkaiju the Iron Thorns
  • Monkeyfist the Infernape
  • Adaurable the Lucario
  • Mewwho? the Mewtwo
  • Thuganomics the Scrafty
  • Demonsnoop the Houndoom
  • The Janitor the Garchomp...get it? Because he sweeps.
  • Living Gengar - The Clefable
  • Dead Clefable - The Gengar
  • Roadside Pickup - The Gengar
  • Chick-Fil-Slay - The Blaziken
  • Filthy Kraken - The Tentacruel
  • Nuclear Tyson - The Machamp
  • Duckroids - The Machamp
  • Hotchimptoes - The Infernape
  • Burnt the Kitty - The Incineroar
  • Bake to 350 Degrees - The Fidough
  • ThirstySnake - The Sandaconda
  • Harry Foxer - The Delphox
  • Linebearker - The Ursaluna
  • Caffeine Panther - The Zeraora
  • Rocklobsta - The Golem
  • Missletoe - The Arboliva
  • Tiny Toons - The Scorbunny
  • Crime Scene - The Deoxys
  • DrawOnYaFace - The Jigglypuff
  • Rhinoroids - The Great Tusk
  • DontTrustDolphins - The Palafin
  • Dodo Heads - The Doduo
  • SteppedonALego - The Garganacl
  • Offleash - The Houndstone
  • URgettingsleepy - The Poliwhirl
  • Jinxy Cat - The Persian
  • Isthatatutu? - Aromatisse
  • Fancy Pants - The Aromatisse
  • Statue of Limitations - The Golurk
  • Shhhhh - The Chatot
  • Masked Rider (Look it up! One of the best 90s shows.) - The lokix
  • Turtlemunk - The Chesnaught
  • Rodent Father - The Alolan Raticate
  • Circuit Garden - The Iron Leaves
  • Short Circuit - The Pikachu
  • Anderson - The Hitmonlee
  • Hitmaker - The Hitmonchan
  • Zoo Exhibit - The Donphan
  • Preheated - The Fidough

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 3/06/2023


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