Random Pokemon Type Generator

pokemon in the jungle

Generate a random Pokemon type for your next Pokemon battle. Randomly selected types can make for a very challenging team build.

To get started, simply press the generate button. The first six types you generate will be the types you must use on your team.

To make things a bit easier, build the team on Pokemon Showdown before bringing them to life in your gaming console.


If the type combination you have selected does not exist, use the primary typing instead.

Which Pokemon Type Combinations Don't exist

As of generation 9 there are a total of 9 dual types that do not exist.

  1. Normal/Ice
  2. Normal/Bug
  3. Normal/Rock
  4. Normal/Steel
  5. Fairy/Fire
  6. Ice/Posion
  7. Ground/Fairy
  8. Bug/Dragon - although I feel like Appletun is really more of a bug than a dragon
  9. Rock/Ghost

Which Pokemon Type is the strongest?

If we are going on base stat total alone, the strongest Pokemon type is Normal. However, this is only due to the literal Pokemon God belonging to the family.

Arceus has a base stat total that surpasses Metwo, Lugia, and Ho-Oh at 720. Slaking is another beast that has a 670 base stat total and he isn't even a legendary.

To put that in perspective, Slaking has stats equal to both Kyogre and Groudon!

Which Pokemon type is the weakest?

The two Pokemon types with the most weaknesses are Grass and Rock. Each of these types have a whopping 5 weaknesses.

Of the two, grass is probably the weakest as they don't currently have a weather condition to bolster their defenses. Rock Pokemon at least have sandstorm which gives them a 50% boost to their special defense.

Which Pokemon type has the most legendaries?

Game Freak loves dragons almost as much as Seto Kaiba does. As such, they are the most common type among legendary Pokemon.

When it comes to pseudo-legendaries, they are even more dominant as 7 out of the last 9 were Dragon types.

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