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The best Ice type in Coromon

Bearealis is the final evolution of one of the starter Coromon, Cubzero. It has high attack power and good physical and special defenses. This polar is suited as a bulky physical attacker since its speed leaves a bit to be desired.

It does, however, learn the Skill Flash 50 Agility Training which boosts its speed by two stages. In addition to this, Cubzero's final evolution learns a number of other interesting moves like Static Fur which will paralyze a foe that makes contact with it. With Bearealis' high defensive stats it should be able to tank a hit or two.

What is the best trait for Bearealis?

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Bearealis can learn one of four traits listed below.

Trait Name What it does? Competitive Use Rank
Clumsy Power Attack and Special Attack are boosted by 25% but accuracy is reduced by 10% Definintely the best trait in my opinion. The accuracy drop is much more pallatable when you realize the power boost you get. 1
Stoic Boosts Bearealis defensive stat (either physical or special, depending on the move used) by two stages if the hit was super effective. If you can survive the hit and possibly use a fruit to recover, this is a good choice. 2
Sharp Claws Prevents physical attach from being lowered Its always great to prevent your main attacking stat from being lowered. But 3 v 3 is so fast paced, you don't see many stat lowering moves. 3
Nimble When you score a physical hit on the opposing Coromon, you steal its fruit! Depending on the fruit you grab, this could be useless. Also, the opposing Coromon could possibly not be holding a fruit at all. 4

Best Bearealis Moveset

Bearealis has some great support moves as well as physical and special moves. Here are the best builds I've used.

Moveset Why it works
Avalanche / Flying Kick / Deep Cut / Splash Avalanche is there as your STAB move with Flying Kick providing some additional power for things that resist Avalanche. Splash is always great as it deals a set amount of damage to the opponent and Deep Cut helps you deal with Electric Coromon. In addition, you also get a 50% chance of boosting your Attack stat.
Avalanche / Sumo Stance / Static Fur / Splash Sumo Stance allows Bearealis to boost its defense by 50% for 4 turns and it always moves first. Static Fur is there to paralyze opposing Coromon who make contact with it. The other two moves are there for STAB and coverage. Feel free to swap them out as you see fit.

Held item for Bearealis

I run a Revitaliser on Bearealis as it helps with his longevity. This item restores 5% of his max HP every turn. If you already have someone use Revitaliser, Ras Fruit (boosts Ice Attack) works pretty good as well.

Potential Points for Bearealis

Given Bearealis natural Attack and defensive strengths, dumping half into your attack and then the other half into HP works best. However, you can alter this to suit your playstyle. Its Special Defense is somewhat lower than its Physical Defense so it may be worth adding some potential points to it.

Is Bearealis viable for competitive?

Admittedly, I have a soft spot for Bearealis as it was the first perfect Coromon that I ever had. It only took around 15 or so soft resets to get one with a potential of 20. But, bias aside, Bearealis is a great bulky physical attacker that fits well on a team that needs some help dealing with Water types.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 07/03/2022


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