Best Bloodbath Diablos Build

bloodbath diablos build

Bloodbath Diablos

Bloodbath Diablos is a non-elemental Monstie with some beastly Attack and HP stats. Being non-elemental its super easy to build a set with decent coverage. Stat-wise it's comparable to some of the Elder Dragons.

Where do you find Bloodbath Diablos in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

I found Bloodbath Diablos pretty quickly when using a Super Ticket to access the Deviant Den. Its egg has a color scheme similar to its body. Given how its sometimes annoying to locate, I wouldn't advise re-rolling it to get an egg with higher stats.

What are the best genes for Bloodbath Diablos?

best genes for bloodbath diablos

I like to run maximum bulk on Bloodbath Diablos builds. As such, I grab as many Health Up Genes as I can. In addition, I use the Elder Dragons to add to Diablos' longevity via their Divine Blessing genes. Divine Blessing reduces the amount of damage a Monstie takes sometimes.

Here is a breakdown of the genes that make him an absolute beast in PvE.

Gene What it does? Where to get it?
Divine Blessing (Passive) Reduces the damage Diablos takes on occasion. The hire the UP bonus, the more often it activates. Elder Dragons will need to be sacrificed for this ability.
Health Up (Passive) Boosts Diablos Health stat Non-elmental monsties like Monoblos, Tigrex, and others carry this trait when the egg has that cool rainbow sparkle.
Breaking Gene (Speed) This is a Diablos exclusive. Its a powerful Speed type move. Get this from other Bloodbath Diablos
Might Genes XL and L (Passive) Boosts non-elemental attack power. Any non-elemental Monsties like Tigrex, Diablos
Smash Gene (Power) Power-based non-elemental attack that carries a medium chance to inflict poison to an opposing Monstie The Rathalos line carries this cool gene
Thousand Blade Gene (Power) Technical-based elemental attack that carries a high chance of inflicting bleeding Sergios carries this gene which is great because there are plenty of them on your home island

For the remaining gene slot, maximize your bingo bonus by using a rainbow gene and you'll be all set.

Is it better than Tigrex?

Tigrex and Diablos have a great deal in common with each other. They are non-elemental monsties with some very nicely designed variants. Diablos does carry a slight edge over Tigrex as its HP and Attack stats are superior.

Molten Tigrex does have the ability to inflict blast blight a lot easier than Diablos can. Blastblight is a powerful condition that can turn the tide of any battle in your favor.

But this benefit is generally outclassed when compared to Bloodbath's multiple spread moves. It's always preferable to hurt both the rider and monstie in a battle.

Unfortunately, it seems the developers have ceased rolling out updates since the last one came out in Q4 of 2021. It's a shame because the player base would have been more engaged if we knew more Monsties were on the horizon.

But either way, Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a fun game, and smashing things into oblivion with your favorite monstie is a great way to blow off steam after a long day of work!

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 07/18/2022


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