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Innki Temtem

Innki is an interesting dual-type Temtem with exclusive traits that help it take its already decent attack stats to monstrous levels. Innki's physical attack and special attack stat are both at 65 which isn't too impressive on paper.

If you wondering where to find Innki, look no further than the Misogi Grotto. It is located in Cipanku within the Pillars Of High Above.

Misogi Grotto location

Once you get him, you'll find out that it possesses two exclusive abilities, Physmaster and Specmaster, that provide a 50% power boost to either its physical attack (with Physmaster) or special attack (with Speedmaster).

This added power boost coupled with Innki's crazy high base speed of 80, make it a perfect speedy physical, special, or mixed attacker.

Here are the best Innki builds along with recommended gears and TV spreads.

innki build

  • Gear: War Drum
  • TV Spread: 100 Stamina, 400 Speed, 500 Attack
  • The best Innki trait is Physmaster

Best Innki moveset

Move Type Damage Hold Stamina Cost Priority Effect
Sparking Bullet Electric 60 (90 with Physmaster boost) 0 14 2 Base damage is buffed to 98 if the partner Temtem is neutral
Sharp Stabs Crystal 76 (114 with Physmaster boost) 1 17 4 None
Piezoelectric Blow Electric 120 (180 with Physmaster boost) 2 39 4 Base damage is increased to 155 and inflicts seize for 2 turns.
Mineral Hail Crystal 100 2 34 2 Smashes both opposing Temtem

It would be great for Innki to have a way to strike back against its normal checks, the dreaded of Earth-type Temtem. But, alas, he has no viable moves to fight back.

This is is why it's imperative to pair Innki with a Tem that can threaten Earth types. Limitations aside, this set allows tamers to spam powerful Electric and Crystal moves.

Most opposing Temtem who don't resist its STAB moves will end up missing a fat chunk of their HP. Its' safest to bring Innki out late in the game when its counters are severely weakened or knocked out.

War Drum is the item of choice here to grant an extra 8% damage boost, bringing to total damage increase to a dangerous 58% per attack.

Innki Special Set

Innki can also function very well as a special attacker. It has attacking and support moves to make a highly impactful move set.

Here is the best Innki special set.

  • Gear: Fake Beard
  • TV Spread: 100 Stamina, 400 Speed, 500 Special Attack
  • The best Innki trait is Specmaster

Move Type Damage Hold Stamina Cost Priority Effect
Thunder Strike Electric 107 (160.5 with Specmaster boost) 0 26 2 None
Quartz Dirt Crystal 70 (105 with Specmaster boost) 1 20 2 None
Refresh Neutral 0 1 16 1 Raises special attack by two stages and restores 6% of Innki's max HP
Bright Beam Electric 10 1 21 2 Hits both opposing Temtem and grants the Alerted condition as well as Evading for 2 turns

Innki's Specmaster sets are a little more fun that their physical counterparts. Bright Beam is a cool move that does some chip damage to an opposing team while preventing sleep and granting 2 turns of Evading.

This is a great way to annoy your opponents by making them waste their precious stamina on a failed attack. Sleep is not a super common status but being immune to it certainly isn't a bad thing.

The best item for special Innki is a Fake Beard. Its special moves are much more stamina hungry than its physical ones.

As such, the 2 turns of stamina reduction Fake Beard grants allows Innki to launch as many Thunder Strikes as Pikachu did in the anime.

Is Innki any good?

While Innki is not the best Electric Temtem (that title belongs to Golzy), it is a strong and speedy attacker that will fit well on most teams.

Its defenses are lackluster but it does have a way of bulking up. Its move, Diamond Fort, will boost both physical and special defenses by two stages.

The only issue with it is the 2 turn hold Innki has to endure. If you manage to preserve its HP long enough to use the move, you'll have one of the toughest, fastest, and strongest Temtem in the game.

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