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Scaravolt is a dual type, Fire and Electric Temtem that somewhat resembles a rhinoceros beetle. Despite having a bunch of legs, its not very fast BUT it is bulky enough to take a few hits.

Although its part fire, it really functions more often than not as an electric attacker as the only viable fire-type move it has access two has a 3 turn hold. It also has a pretty limited move pool and less-than-stellar stamina.

But, its by no means a garbage monster to use, you just need to play to its strengths. Scaravolt possesses great defenses stats, especially, its HP and decent enough special attack to make use of its high-powered electric attacks.

Here are the best Scaravolt builds along with recommended gears and TV spreads.

scaravolt stat spread

  • Gear: Fake Beard
  • TV Spread: 100 Stamina, 400 HP, 500 Special Attack
  • The best Scaravolt trait is Good Friend

Best Scaravolt Build

Move Type Damage Hold Stamina Cost Priority Effect
Thunder Strike Electric 107 0 26 2 None
Burrow Earth None 2 14 2 Gives the status of evading for 4 turns
Electric Storm Electric 85 2 29 2 Hits both opposing Temtem
Fire Tornado Fire 145 2 26 2 None

This set is pretty straightforward and allows you to spam Thunder Strikes without worrying about Scaravolt's lackluster stamina too much. Its gear, Fake Beard, will invigorate Scaravolt for two turns which will drastically reduce the stamina cost for each move.

Burrow gives your flammable bug buddy 4 turns of evasion which can come in handy late in matches when stamina is very low. Other than these four moves, there really aren't a lot of viable moves for Scaravolt.

Its physical attack is way too low to make use of its most powerful Earthbreaker and its other physical moves have relatively low raw attacking power. With respect to its traits, Good Friend is superior to Half Full as the latter immediately cuts Scaravolt's bulk in half.

To be fair, the trait does boost its defenses and offenses considerably but the HP reduction is not worth it. In addition, the biggest offensive boost goes to its physical attack which is paltry compared to its special attack.

Scaravolt's Best In-Game Use

Scaravolt is the best Temtem to include on your squad when re-matching the Arbury and Cipanku Dojo masters. Their pool of creatures don't pose much of a threat to it and he can smack them all with super-effective damage.

Another great thing about Scaravolt is that it's relatively easy to obtain its Luma form. This is due to its very cheap radar cost of 40 feathers.

I even managed to grab one and my Luma luck since 2020 has been abysmal. Even if you can't find one in the wild, they normally run no more than 80K at the auction house.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 02/12/2023


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