Best Skelatops Build Coromon

sand type coromon

Best Sand Type Coromon

Skulatops is a Sand type Coromon that excels in attack and defense. It looks like what would happen if a fossilized predatory dinosaur was only partially revived. With its purple hue in potent and perfect form, it sort of resembles Dino from the classic cartoon The Flinstones.

Sand types are weak to water but Skulatops is fortunate enough to carry a couple of moves to deal with opposing water type Coromon. It learns Revenge Jaws and Crunch. The former has 60 base power but doubles if the user is hit with a move first. Given Skulatops speed, it is likely to be outsped, so you could be firing off a 120 base power attack often.

Crunch provides more consistent damage with a base power of 90 and 5 percent higher accuracy than Revenge Jaws. It also carries a 25 percent chance of making the target bleed, which allows for chip damage to your opponent.

Epiphany Set

skulatops moveset build

Epiphany will boost Skulatops attack and defense by one stage. Post boost, Parched Jaws should cause serious damage to anything that doesn't resist Sand. Acid Bite is run to damage Normal types and Crunch helps take down Water types.

Potential Point Spread

Focus on maximizing Skulatops attack, defense, and HP. To survive long enough to sweep teams after a couple of Epiphany boosts, you will need as much bulk as possible. Dump half your points into attack and then evenly split the remaining between your defense and HP. To be on the safe side, you could spare around 15 percent for your special defense as it is a bit lacking.

Best Trait For Skulatops

skulatops traits

Skulatops best trait is Crippler. This trait drains the SP of an opponent by 10% whenever Skulatops inflicts a stat change or status problem to an opponent. Since Skulatops has tons of moves that have secondary effects like these, your opponent's stamina gauge will be depleted quickly!

Best Held Item For Skulatops

pix fruit coromon

Equipping Skulatops with an Energiser Gem will allow you an extra turn or two of attacking before having to rest to replenish your SP. If you would rather use that gem elsewhere, a Pix Fruit works great as well as it provides a nice boost to Skelatops sand attacks.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 05/01/2022


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