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How To Use Ceruledge In Pokemon SV

Ceruledge is a Ghost and Fire dual-type Pokemon that looks more like a Medabot or Megaman character than a Pokemon. The designers definitely took a risk with this one but it absolutely paid off.

Ceruledge's design was the main reason I picked up Pokemon Violet over Scarlet as it's a version exclusive. The design was so awesome I was determined to fit it onto my team even if it was trash stat-wise.

Fortunately for us Ceruledge fans, its design is equal to its usefulness in battle. It has high attack, decent bulk, and a very passable speed tier.

Give its high physical attack and viable bulk, Ceruledge functions perfectly as a bulky attacker. In addition, its signature move, Bitter Blade allows it to strike opposing Pokemon and recover HP.

Is Ceruledge a legendary Pokemon?

If you are wondering if Ceruledge is a legendary Pokemon, ponder no longer...it is not. Similar to Lucario in generation 4, it's just a really powerful Pokemon with an awesome design that some mistook for a legendary when it was revealed.

How Do You Evolve Charcadet?

Fortunately, the Internet is around otherwise I would have had no idea how to evolve Charcadet. Doing so involves collecting 10 Sinistea Chips and trading them for Malicious Armor.

It's kind of an annoying task as Sinistea is a very small Pokemon and thus extremely easy to miss. I spent a couple of hours doing this for my son since apparently 9-year-olds lack the patience for such laborious endeavors.

Finding the ceruledge pre evolution is similarly difficult as it is very small and does not seem to spawn consistently anywhere.

What is best EV build for Ceruledge?

Running your Ceruledge as a bulky or speedy attacker is the most logical way to go given its stat spread.

HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
75 125 80 60 100 85

If you want to go the speedy attacker route the best nature for Ceruledge is either Jolly (+Speed /-Special Attack) or Adamant (+Attack /- Special Attack). You should invest 252 EVs in Attack and 252 EVs in Speed, with the 4 remaining points going to its HP.

However, if you fancy a more bulky Pokemon, use an Adamant nature and dump 252 EVs into its HP instead of its Speed and throw the remaining 4 points into its Defense.

The best move set for Ceruledge

Ceruledge is a pretty straightforward physical attacker that can boost its attack with Sword Dance or focus longevity by spamming its signature move Bitter Blade. Here are some of my favorite move sets along with the best held item for Ceruledge.

Name Power Accuracy Effect
Bitter Blade (Fire - STAB) 90 100% Inflicts damage and restores up to half the damage dished out
Swords Dance (Normal) - - Boosts physical attack by 2 stages
Close Combat 120 100% Causes you to lose one stage of both defenses
Shadow Claw (Ghost - Stab) 70 100% Higher than average critical hit chance

I like to run a Life Orb with this set as the recoil damage it deals is somewhat offset by the recovery from Bitter Blade. However, if you don't mind the power drop, Leftovers or Muscle Band work well.

This build is best with a Jolly nature to allow you to outspeed or possibly win a speed tie with the opposing base 85 speed and below Pokemon. For those that want to nuke as much as possible outright, the next set is for you.

P.S. Bulk Up can be run as an alternative to Sword Dance if you want to bolster your physical defense whilst sweeping. Just be aware that using Close Combat will negate the defensive boosts gained from Bulk Up.

Name Power Accuracy Effect
Flare Blitz (Fire - STAB) 120 100% Inflicts damage and hits the user with recoil damage
Phantom Force (Ghost - Stab) 90 100% even if the opponent used Protect Two-turn attack that puts Ceruledge in a semi-invulnerable state
Close Combat 120 100% Causes you to lose one stage of both defenses
Psycho Cut 70 100% Higher than average critical hit chance

This move set works best with a Choice Band and an Adamant nature. Shadow Claw is passed over in favor of Phantom Force since it has higher base power.

But, I wouldn't be mad at you for sticking with Shadow Claw if you are afraid of giving your opponent a free turn. Psycho Cut is here to deal with that adorable mud fish aka Clodsire.

We are also swapping out Bitter Blade for Flare Blitz for the uptick in power. Also, Psycho Cut can be replaced with Solar Blade (Grass - 125 Base Power - 2 Turn Attack) if you have a sun-based team.

What is the best nature for Ceruledge

Ceruledge can have one of two abilities, Flash Fire or Weak Armor. Weak Armor is its hidden ability and lowers Ceruledge's defense by one stage while boosting its speed by two.

Flash Fire makes Ceruledge immune to Fire-type attacks and boosts the power of its fire-based moves when it is hit by one.

Of the two options, Flash Fire is far superior as it grants Ceruledge another immunity (in addition to Fighting). This also allows it to function as a burn/fire attacker soaker for its teammates.

Final Verdict on Ceruledge

Ceruledge is a great Pokemon with very few drawbacks other than its weakness to Stealth Rocks and common Rock and Water moves. Be sure to have a reliable Rapid Spinner and someone to check Water Types for you if your team is going to rely on him.

Game Freak really stepped up their design game with this Pokemon, even if its shiny form is lacking. It seems that the more awesome the design the more lackluster the shiny version.

Shiny critique aside if you need a tough Fire-type monster or a physical attacker that cannot be burned Ceruledge is your knight in shining armor.

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