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Reduce Helpdesk Tickets

The best way to reduce Helpdesk tickets is to train users to troubleshooting issues on their end prior to creating a ticket for the IT department. Most troubleshooting methods do not require an extreme amount of techinical skill. Users just need to trained on a handful of things to drastically reduce the number of tickets generated.

Clear the cache in the browser

Caching conflicts can be the root cause for a number of issues users are having with website/app accessibility and functionality. To clear the cache in most Chrome, users can follow these simple steps.

1. Locate the settings by clicking the three vertical dots in the upper right hand corner of the browser. Once the menu is open, select 'Settings'.

clear cache in chrome 2022

2. In Settings screen, type in the word 'Cache'.

remove the cache in chrome

3. Select the 'Clear Browsing Data' option and you will be presented with 3 options. Select the 3rd option, 'Cached Images and Files'. Then click 'Clear Data', and any cache in the browser will be purged.

how do you clear cache in chrome

Check the network connection

Sometimes a weak signal can masquerade itself as an application or browser issue to the user. Have users check their connection strength by clicking the Wifi icon in the bottom left hand area of their computer screen.

connection strength in chromebook

If the text below it reads low or even medium, the user could be experiencing usability issues with company resources issues. Also, double-check the SSID to ensure they are on the right network. The computer may have defaulted to connect to the access point with the strongest signal.

This is also a good way to troubleshoot issues with email. By default, Microsoft Outlook will not attempt to sync if it detects the user has a metered connection. Metered connections are commonly found with mobile carrier plans. So if a user connects to a HotSpot via their phones, emails won't come in unless the Outlook setting is turned off.

Within Outlook, there will be a ribbon that has the text 'METERED NETWORK WARNING'. Also within the ribbon, there is a button labeled 'Connect Anyway' that will allow you to receive emails.

Try the app in incognito mode

To access incognito mode in Chrome, press CTRL + SHIFT + N. This will open up a cookie and cache-less tab within Chrome. If a user can access a page in incognito mode that they cannot while browsing in without it, there may be a cookie or caching issue. If so, simply clear them and try accessing the resource again.

Check the Downloads folder for missing files

At times, users will report that files are mysteriously missing. The root cause could be a multitude of things but oftentimes, the files are just in a different directory than the user remembers. Sometimes a user downloads a file from an external source and fails to move it to the directory they normally work from (i.e. the Desktop).

If the file they are searching for was downloaded from the web, chances are its in the Downloads folder.

Check the My Documents folder for missing files downloaded from emails

If users are looking for a file they are certain they downloaded from an email, have them check the My Documents folder. This is the default location that Outlook will store downloaded attachments from emails.

Alternatively, if the user knows the file name, they can also use the search bar located within the taskbar. However, sometimes the way the computer is indexed will limit the success the user has with this method.

Check browser permissions

Users reporting issues with functionality within browser-based applications should first check to see if the appropriate permissions are enabled. Telephony apps that need access to the computer's microphone will need to be enabled prior to making a call.

In addition, some apps may utilize popups for certain functions. These may also have been blocked within the browser's permissions. To enable permissions, have users head over to the 'Settings' section of the Chrome and select the 'Site Settings' option.

From there choose the permission type (either microphone, popup, or camera) and enter the site you want to allow to enable permissions for.

connection strength in chromebook

Resourceful users make the IT department more efficient

Educating users on the ways to resolve common issues with company resources enables them to work much more efficiently. Instead of waiting hours for IT to resolve a ticket, they can solve their own problems quickly and move on with their day. Even if users cannot solve their issue with the methods above, their troubleshooting saves the IT department time in root cause analysis.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 06/05/2022


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