Favorite Pokemon Of Each Type

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My Favorite Pokemon Of Each Type

I've been playing Pokemon ever since Red and Blue released in the United States. Over the years, there have been a total 18 unique types created for the 1,000+ adorable and sometimes frightening creatures.

Here are my absolute favorites from each element!


miltank on a farm

My favorite normal type Pokemon is Miltank. She's got an amazing design and is deceptively fast for a cow.

Some of my fondest memories of the 2000s included travelling the Johto slamming down pints of Moomoo milk with my squad. Although I'm surprised I didn't have recurring nightmares from what Whitney's Miltank did to me after a few Rollouts.


totodile in swamp

My favorite Water Pokemon is Totodile. This was my starter in Pokemon Johto, and he's based on my favorite animals, Crocodiles, and Alligators.

I'm actually currently playing through Pokemon Soulsilver with a shiny Totodile thanks to the power of ROMs and cheat codes. Wrecking opposing teams with a cute little blue crocodile will never get old.


electivire in a snowy mountain range

Electivire has been a mainstay of every team I've put together since its release in the 4th generation. His design is sleek and unique as it is the only electric yeti I've ever heard of.

He is one of the Pokemon that deserved a Mega Evolution but never got one. And given the fact that he's built like Brock Lesnar, it's criminal that he's not part Fighting.


pokemon soul silver on pc

My favorite fire-type Pokemon used to be Charizard until I met the Medabot/Megaman inspired spectre Ceruledge

Its design is amazing; it has swords for hands and great stats. My only complaint is that its shiny version is terrible, with a barely noticeable change in it's color scheme.


pokemon soul silver on pc

In my opinion, the best Grass type monster is the Galarian grass-type starter Rillaboom. A close second is Meganium, but Rillaboom is my favorite because of its hidden ability, Grassy Surge.

This ability summons a Grassy Terrain to the field, which boosts its STAB moves, recovers HP, and gives a priority boost to the move, Grassy Glide.


pokemon soul silver on pc

My Ice Pokemon of choice is the 9th generation pseudo-legendary Baxcalibur. It's based on everybody's favorite kaiju Godzilla and is equipped with atomic breath-esque attacks and the iconic Godzilla back spikes.


machamp in the gym

My all-time favorite Fighting type pocket monster is the original multi-armed, jacked duck creature, Machamp. I've had a Machamp on my team since 98 and will continue to do so for years.

Also, his shiny form makes him look like the Hulk, so bonus points.


nidoking sitting on a throne

Nidoking is my favorite poison type; I think he was the first 3rd stage Pokemon I ever owned. He's part of the original 151 and has only improved since the 90s.

The king has attained a cool Super Saiyan Blue form, aka his shiny, the hidden ability Sheer Force, and a host of powerful moves at its disposal.


rhyperior in a field

I love Rhyperior and Rhydon! While they have not always been top-tier in the competitive scene, they're a ton of fun to use in-game.

They look like rhinos who've been preparing for war their entire lives and are bulky enough to sponge a bunch of physical hits from even the hardest-hitting monsters.


pokemon soul silver on pc

I'm torn between Staraptor and Pidgeot for my favorite flying type. They are both great raptors with amazing designs but if I had to choose one I'd go with Pidgeot solely because it gets a cool mega evolution.


mewtwo in a lab

Like the flying type, this one is tough for me because Espeon and Mewtwo are my favorite Psychic monsters. But since Mewtwo has been one of my main characters in Smash Bros for years, I'm going to give the Psychic crown to Mewtwo.

Mewtwo has the coolest backstory and is definitely the only cat I will ever like.


scizor in the woods

Scizor is the absolute best Bug Pokemon of all time. Buzzwole is also pretty cool but he's not a metallic praying mantis. Its counterpart Kleavor is a very close runner-up, but I have a soft spot in my heart for the Johto region.


pokemon soul silver on pc

Iron Thorns is my favorite Rock-type Pokemon. He is the future variant of my 2nd favorite rock beast Tyranitar.

He or she (its actually genderless) is basically Mecha Godzilla with cool electrical powers. Other than Miraidon, Iron Thorns has the best design of all the Violet-exclusive Paradox Pokemon.


dragapult in graveyard

Dragapult is my pick for the best undead Pokemon. Dragon and Ghost is amazing typing, only held by one other Pokemon. He also fires little versions of himself from the hat-looking thing on its head!

Hands down, this is the best ghostly design in all of Pokemon.


shiny salamence flying

My favorite dragon is the pseudo-legendary from Generation 3, Salamence. The flying dragon holds a special place in my heart because she was the first dragon Pokemon I ever encountered in the wild.

During my first playthrough of Pokemon Violet, I bumped into a lovely green Bagon. My heart skipped a beat (although this could've been the energy drinks), and I chucked ultra balls at it until she was mine.


hydregion in the underworld

Hydregion has one of the best designs in all of Pokemon. It's a 3 head dragon from the underworld with a great ability and an extremely diverse movepool.

It was almost my pick for favorite dragon as well, but in my opinion, he resembles a mythical beast of the underworld more than a majestic wyvern.


shiny metagross in a server room

My man Metagross is my favorite Steel Pokemon of all time. He's as durable and powerful as he is intelligent with a beautiful shiny color scheme to boot.

He also gets a very cool Mega Evolution in the universes that allow that sort of thing.


pokemon soul silver on pc

And finally, my favorite Fairy type of all time is the loveable Granbull. I don't care how much it sucks in competitive formats I'll always run one whenever I can.

The Pokemon holds a special place in my heart as I was the only way I could get an English bulldog when I was a kid. As you may know, English bulldogs are absurdly expensive with the cheapest puppies going for at least $5,000.

So there was no way my mom was buying one for me back in the day. We could, however, afford a copy of Pokemon Silver and my very own digital dog.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 05/01/2023


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