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How To Use Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon in Cross Duel

A Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon Deck in Yu-Gi-Oh Cross Duel revolves around maximizing your ace monster's master skill. For us Photon Dragon lovers, this means putting our favorite drake in a position where it can boost its attack to monstrous levels while negating the abilities to opposing duel monsters.

The toughest part about building your Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon Deck is farming gems that you'll need to buy the monsters, spells and traps your deck will be comprised of. After about 11 days of play, I only managed to unlock one additional skill slot for my ace monster.

But, even without all 5 skills slots unlocked, you can still abuse the negation mechanic. Here is the deck I use along with the skills of each monster.

Monster Cards

# Card Name Skills Attack/Defense
1 Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon Seal, Master Skill 3000/2500
2 Trickstar Holly Angel Special Skill, Snipe x2 2000
3 Big Jaws Attack Boost 1800/300
4 Aria The Melodious Seal 1600/1200
5 x-Head Cannon Snipe 1800/1500
6 Performapal Silver Claw Attack Support 1800/700
7 RAM Clouder Attack Boost 1800/1000
8 Trickstar Lycoris Snipe 1600/1000
9 Milla the Temporal Magician Seal, Attack Boost 1800/1000
10 Daybreaker Attack Boost, Seal 1700, 1000
11 Blade Knight Attack Boost, Seal 1600, 1000
12 Cyberse Wizard Seal 1800/800
13 Infernity Archfiend Seal 1800/1200

Spell and Trap Cards

# Card Name Effect
14 Horn Of The Unicorn Boosts a monster's attack by 600
15 Horn Of The Unicord Switch the attack and defense of a monster
16 Rightful Magic Reduce the attack of a single monster by 800
17 Elf's Light Boost the attack of 1 Light monster by 800
18 Stop Defense Changes a monster from defense to attack position
19 Secret Barrel Pick a position on the field, if an opposing monster sets foot there, inflict 700 damage to whoever controls it.
20 Shadow Spell Choose a spot on the field, if one of your opponent's monsters enters the area it will lose 1500 attack points.

With a little bit of luck and around $12 spent on Crystals, I managed to throw this team together. Here is an in-game battle showing the devastating power of negation in Cross Duel.

While the deck is not perfect, it will certainly get you through nearly all of the in-game duels. The goal here is to get your GEPD on the field as soon as you see a skill-rich opposing monster on the field.

Negating an ace monster's skills not only cripples the opponent's strategy, it boosts Galaxy's attack points exponentially. Being able to replenish your attack points is crucial as each time you engage in battle, you lose attack points equal to the defeated monster's attack points.

My Galaxy deck contains monsters that have the negate skill to provide Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon a steady stream of attack points. I threw in some sniping monsters to help wear the opponent's life points down quicker.

The Trickster archetype, including Holly Angel, synergizes well with the Galaxy deck as they carry the light attribute. As such, they'll benefit from the light-type support spell cards and abilities that comprise the deck.

Give this build a shot to make it through event duels and single-player mode. Once built, you'll have a team that can cripple opposing monsters before they can launch their special skills against you.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 03/05/2023


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