Change Coromon Color Palette

change coromon potent system

How to change Coromon Color?

Coromon, unlike many other monster taming games gives players the ability to change the color of their monster companions.

This is done via the home menu. Once you have it opened, simply click the squad member you want to perform cosmetic surgery on.

coromon squad view

Now that you have selected your patient, go to its summary and select the Swumry icon with the paintbrush at the bottom of the menu.

potent switch icon coromon

Now you'll be presented with all available potential color schemes. Keep in mind you can only select up to the highest potential level of your Coromon. For example, you cannot change a Potent Coromon color scheme into a Perfect one.

However, you can revert a Perfect Coromon to its Standard and Potent forms. Here is a small chart that explains this a little better.

Perfect Potent Standard
Potent and Standard Standard None

This is a welcome change for me as some Coromon, Bearealis especially, have nicer Potent color schemes than their Perfect counterparts.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 02/11/2023


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