How To Earn Pansuns

how to farm pansuns

How To Earn More Money In Temtem

If you want to get into competitive battling or challenge the Dojo tamers for a rematch, you will need a ton of Pansuns. Prior to CU1, the main way to earn Pansuns was via the Free Tems organization. That method, while consistent, was very annoying and super tedious. There are a few better ways to earn a dollar nowadays in the Airborne Archipelago, but they will require some work!

Sell Tems At Auction

trade house in tucma

The Trade House is one of the features in Temtem. You can purchase battle-ready Tems and rare items. In addition, you can also sell your Tems to earn more money than you would release them. The trade-off is that you likely won't get the Pansuns immediately as you will need to wait until the auction concludes. Find out where the trade house is and more about its features here.

Which Tems Should I Sell?

Look through your Temtem storage and try to find any unused Tems that have a perfect SV stat. Perfect SV stats are those with a value of 50. The more perfect SVs the Tem has, the more valuable it will be at the auction.

Even if you don't have any with perfect stats, any Tem with stats in all green and a few fertility leaves left can net you a few hundred or a thousand Pansuns. Tems increase in value with their spawn rate as well. A Gharunder will fetch you more money than a Grapah with the same stats, for example.

Here is a short guide of what you should price your Tems at for a quick sale.

Perfect SV Spawn Rate Pansun Yield
1 Common 500-1000
2 Common 1000-1500
3 Common 1500-2000
4 Common 2000-2500
5 Common 2500 - 4000
6 Common 4000 - 6500
7 Common 10000-25000

That was not a typo in the 7th row of the table. A perfect Tem is not easy to obtain, therefore they are worth a ton of money. Luma Tems can go for much more if you are willing to part ways with them. I've seen auctions in the hundreds of thousands for Lumas with perfect stats.

For rare Tems, an increase of 20 - 40 percent is pretty common in my experience.

Deliver Packages Everyday

delivery location in Temtem

There is a mail delivery service in Uhuru (in Kisiwa) that will send you out to various islands to deliver packages to 1 - 3 NPCs. Your rewards vary, but you are guaranteed Pansuns (at least 900 or more based on my experience) and some useful items that you can sell later. To make your runs easier and faster, be sure to get the Minox mount by completing the saddle quest in Arbury.

mount location temtem

There is a chance that you will receive WishYouWell coins as a reward. These are very valuable in Trade House auctions and useful for obtaining cool items in-game. If you get a few, drop one or two in the well and put one up in an auction.

Sell All Your Scents

selling items in temtem

Whenever you obtain the Minox mount, you should sell all your scents as they will be completely useless. While riding your Minox or a Scooter, you won't have any wild encounters. So, sell any that you have obtained throughout the story playthrough. A Max Scent, for example, can earn you 600 pansuns a piece.

As you can see, there are now more options than ever to make money in Temtem. The goal isn't to replace the Free Tem method, but to supplement it and get yourself a competitive team fast!

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 05/09/2022


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