How To Farm Feathers Fast In Temtem

where should i farm feathers in temtem

What are feathers?

Feathers are a new type of in game currency that enables players to purchase powerful items such as Temtem Radars on Tamers Paradise. They are not as easy to come by as Pansuns but with the right strategy, you can farm the amount you need fast.

How do I earn feathers?

Feathers are earned by completing the various challenges on Tamers Paradise, like TemSafari. You can also earn them through Dojo Master Rematches. Here are the methods I use to farm feathers in Temtem fast.

Feathers from Dojo Master rematches

Dojo Master rematches are a great way to earn Pansuns as well as Feathers. The maximum number of feathers you can earn are 32. Since there are 8 dojo masters in total you can earn up to 256 per week with this method.

For an easy win, check out this strategy for the Nanga dojo rematch.

Sell unwanted items

You can sell unwanted Telomere Hacks and other items for extra Feathers in the shop on Tamers Paradise. They don't earn you a lot of feathers but everyone counts when you are saving up for that radar you have had your eye on.


where should i farm feathers in temtem

TemSafari is a fun challenge on Tamers Paradise that allows you to use your own team provided they are not of a restricted type. In addition, there are bonuses which are essentially buffs and de-buffs that rotate every week. After you use the weekly free token, you'll be required to pay 7,000 Pansuns for a new token.

The number of feathers you can earn are directly linked to the number of Tems you defeat in battle. You are given a select few items that can heal your stamina and HP. After you have exhausted those items, your Tems will be on their own.

For this reason, its important to use Temtem with natural healing abilitiies like Valash with its Scavenger ability. If your Temtem are at level 100, you will start off with a 20 level advantage over the opposing squad which should help you gain feathers rapidly after you defeat them.

If your squad is not yet at 100, follow this quick leveling guide. The shrines now award 50% more experience points making level grinding in Temtem easier than ever.

Draft Arena

This challenge allows you to rent a team of Temtem from a random pool. After you defeat an opposing team, you are required change a single member of your current squad with a member of the team you just defeated.

Also, you will have the option of keeping the Feathers you have earned or risk losing a certain amount of them to continue and fight for a larger amount of feathers.

This is a bit more challenging than TemSafari but since you get a free ticket each week anyway, it's worth it to take at least one run.

What about the other challenges in Tamers Paradise?

There are a few other activities you can participate in Tamers Paradise but in my opinion they are not worth the money if you are trying to farm as many feathers as possible. The EverShifting Tower is ridiculously hard and the DigiLair requires you to use co-op which isn't really a possibility for someone as introverted as myself.

The Grit Arena is not as bad but many of the Tems that I use in my squad are often banned. The TemSafari has a similar restriction with certain types being banned but the fights are much more fast paced and you receive bonuses that help you power through battles.

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