How To Fish In Re: Legend

re legends fishing guide

How To Fish In Re: Legend

Fishing in Re: Legend allows you an easy means of generating money and is required for you to progress past the first island in the main story. It can be a bit challenging to complete at first, however. As such, I put together some tips that will help you catch fish in Re: Legends fast!

Reel until the rod hits the orange mark

re legends fishing glitch

Reel your rod in until the tension indicator is orange if there is no arrow present on the screen. If you attempt to reel while an arrow is present, you will break your rod and have to start the whole process over. Your goal is to deplete all the blue in the meter with the fish and lure directly below the rod tension meter.

Follow the drag

Whenever the arrows appear, click and hold the direction the arrow is indicating on the screen. Don't attempt to reel it in anymore. The drag arrows typically appear twice and then disappear to allow you to start reeling the fish in again.

While following the drag arrows, your tension will climb back down allowing you to continue to fight the fish.

Watch your stamina

As you fish, you will notice numbers appearing above your character's head. These numbers represent the amount of stamina you are using. The amount is normally relatively small in comparison to mining, for example. Just be mindful of your stamina and don't attempt to fish if you are very low.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 09/11/2022


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