How To Get A Luma Temtem Guide

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The Best Place To Get A Luma

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The best place to get a Luma is in Saipark during the weekly events the game hosts. For about a week you will get an increased chance to find a certain Temtem species. The increase varies between 100 and 600 percent.

While this may sound like it nearly guarantees a Luma encounter, it does not! Your chances of finding a Luma by default are 1 in 7,500 or 0.01 percent. So when you add in the multiplier Saipark brings, your chances are still abysmal.

Here is a list of things you actually have a better chance of doing, by comparison.

Event Odds
Making It Onto The Price Is Right 1 in 36
Being Audited By The IRS 1 in 160
Getting Drafted By The NBA 1 in 3,333 for Men
Dating a millionaire 1 in 215
Finding out your child is a genius 1 in 250
Injuring yourself with a chainsaw 1 in 4,464
Being born with extra toes or fingers 1 in 500

How Do I Beat The Odds?

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Beating the odds and catching a Luma requires a great deal of patience. Other than the multiplier the game gives you on any given week, you have no way of increasing your odds in Saipark. As such, you'll need to come up with a plan to weave Luma hunting into your day.

Here are some ways to add an hour or so of Luma hunting to your day.

1. Hunt while doing household chores.

2. Sneak in a session or two during online lectures.

3. Teach your kids and have them do it! My kids actually love the bright and colorful art in the game, but they get bored quick...really quick.

4. If you are working remotely, hunt while in a boring meeting you should have never been invited to.

5. Get a Steam Deck or Windows enabled tablet to hunt while commuting. Be sure to your phone's hotspot. Tether to it via USB cable to be safe.

Alternatives To Saipark

An alternative to the Saipark method is to use Temstem Radars. These items are obtained from the shop on Tamers Paradise and will target a specific Temtem for your hunt. Now, this method is much more involved and complicated than Saipark but it does produce a higher Luma spawn rate.

Once you have your radar, you will need to either defeat or capture every Temtem of the species, your Radar is targeting. When you defeat the Temtem, you will start the process of chaining. If you run or catch/defeat any other Temtem you will break the radar.

Here is a breakdown of the benefits you will receive once you hit certain milestones within the chain.

Chain Amount SVs Luma Odds
50 10 -
100 20 5
200 20 10

As you can see this method consistently gives you higher Luma odds than Saipark without having to wait for a weekly reset. The downside to this approach is that the radar breaks after 300 encounters.

This means you will only have 100 chances to encounter a Luma that will only spawn a maximum of 0.1 percent of the time. I personally don't like those odds which is why I believe the Saipark method is better.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 05/17/2022


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