How To Get Cyberite in Coromon

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The Best Normal Type Coromon

Cyberite is the final evolution of Patterbit, who evolves into Patterbyte at level 30. It’s a normal type Cormon with access to the move Upshift. Upshift is essentially Coromon’s equivalent of Pokemon’s Dragon Dance as it increases both speed and attack by one stage.

Obtaining Cyberite can be difficult as it will require you to level up Patterbyte to 60! However, fret not trainers, we have found the easiest and fastest way to get a Cyberite in Coromon.

Beware, as the below may contain spoilers depending on how far you have progressed in the game.

Catch a Patterbyte in the Frozen Cavern in Alavi.

frozen cavern coromon

This is certainly the fastest and easiest method to grab yourself a Cyberite. Progress into the cave to Floor 2 and you will eventually stumble upon some Cyberites with a level over 50.

pitterbyte locataion in coromon

PRO TIP: Bring plenty of Spicy Cakes as freezing is much more prevalent in Coromon than Pokemon but just as annoying. If you are grinding in the area, attach a Crany Fruit to your Coromon. This will allow you to defrost them without wasting a turn.

how to heal status in coromon

Once you have captured a Patterbyte, attach a Ber Fruit to it and start grinding. Since you caught it such a high level, it shouldn’t be long before you reach level 60 and are prompted with this beautiful sight!

when does cyberite evolve

Here is a sample moveset that focuses on Cyberite’s bulk. Running upshift the first turn will allow Cyber a much appreciated speed boost and add some attack power.

moveset for cyberite coromon

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