How To Get Error Glove in Slap Battles

slap battles in roblox

Error Glove In Slap Battle

The Error Glove in Slap Battles is one of the coolest gloves available in the game. Locating it can be a little tricky as it is hidden away from the normal location of most gloves.

To find it, walk to the left of the red portal you see when you initially spwan into the game. Once you are there, keep walking past the sign that reads "1k slaps required to play".

error glove slap battles location

When you are here, keep walking and you will eventually land on a Tiki Statue. If you walk over it, don't worry too much as you can't fall off in this area.

error glove slap battle location

Next, rotate your camera until you come across a purple and black checkered design. This is the Error Glove!

the location of the error glove in slap battles

Finding it was the easy part. Earning it may take some time depending on the number of slaps you currently have. To obtain this fine glove you will need at least 20,000 slaps.

The easiest way to get slaps in slaps in slap battles is to start slapping people. If you are fortunate enough to have access to multiple devices, you can slap the farm that way.

Just create a new account and slap that one until the cows come home. Before long, you should have all the slaps you need for the error glove.

Now, this is probably not the way the developers want you to do it but if you are short on time, this is the way to go. Another, more risky option is to download a script that farms slaps for you.

Doing so involves downloading computer code from a non-Roblox affiliated site. This in and of itself is dangerous and could result in you downloading a virus, so proceed with extreme caution.

Now, what is the error glove's ability? This glove has the ability to knock an opponent out with one slap.

With a single slap, you send an opponent crawling back to the respawn point. In addition to this, it's the cheapest one-shot glove available in the game making it even more appealing to first-time players.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 01/11/2023


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