How To Get Toravolt in Coromon

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What is a Toravolt?

Toravolt is a Coromon that evolves from Bittybolt at level 30. It is an electric type that excels in special attack. Your earliest opportunity to capture it's pre-evolution is in the cave in the Wastin Desert.

wastin desert coromon

The Best Place To Level Up Bittybolt in Coromon?

The best place to level up your Bittybolt in Coromon is the Soggy Swamp. Here you will encounter level 18 -21 water type Coromon. Since Bittybolt has the type advantage, it will have no problem knocking them out and gaining substantial experience points.

soggy swamp coromon

The Best Toravolt Moveset

The Bulky Special Attacker

monster taming games

This set uses the SCRAPPER trait which reduces physical damage done by 20%. Couple this with some potential point investment in DEFENSE and HP and yourself have a great tank.

Teravolt's special attack power is also very high so moves like MULTI BOLT and SPARK DISK will cause a ton of damage to non-resistant opponents.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 04/05/2022


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