How To Get Virus In Botworld Adventure

how to get virus in botworld adventure

Recruit Missions For Virus

Virus is the only bot, at the time of writing, that requires the completion of side quests by your recruits to acquire its bot frame. This means that it will take you a couple of days to locate one.

The missions you will need to complete are The Uber Bot Part 1, The Uber Bot Part 2, and The Uber Bot Part 3. All 3 of the missions must be completed before you are granted the bot frame for Virus.

My Uber Bot Part 3 was at level 13 so it made sure all the bots on my recruit's team were at levels 14 - 15. The first two parts of the mission were simple enough but the final one took me a few tries.

How Do I Unlock The Uber Bot Mission?

The missions/job generate randomly after you complete them, so to increase your chance of rolling the one you want, try to have your recruits go on shorter missions that are similar in duration. This way, you can re-roll your missions around the same time.

What Team Should I Use For The Uber Bot Mission?

I made sure to include a tank, a chaser, a splasher, and an evader with high health. While this has not been confirmed by the developers, I noticed that bots with higher health and teams with tanks had better success on missions.

Here is the team I used for each Uber Bot Mission.

Bot Name

What Should I Do While I Wait?

I found that I succeeded when I stopped playing the game completely. Going on runs and summoning your recruits seems to diminish their chance of success. While you wait for your recruit to bring you home a Virus bot frame, play some Coromon or Monster Hunter Stories 2.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 08/07/2022


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