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Medabots in the US

Medabots is in my top five favorite franchises of all time. It's a shame other people in the West didn't feel the same, as the robot battling series never established a foothold. In the monster-taming genre, Pokemon reigned supreme and completely overshadowed any similar franchises.

As great as I thought Medabots was, it could never quite find its way out of Pokemon's shadow. As such, if you want to play Medabot games in English you're going to have a tough time since most never left Japan. But fret not , fellow Robattlers, I've compiled an extensive list of everything you need to play your favorite Medabots games in English.

Some of these methods involve using an emulator and ROMs, so if you aren't comfortable using those, I'm also including a list of Medabot-like games for various platforms. Without further ado, here are the best ways to get your Medabots fix today.

Play Medarot 9 in English

To play Medarot 9, the latest 3DS title released in Japan, head over to GBA Temp the team there has done a fantastic job translating the original title into English. They post detailed instructions on their site for downloading and running these games, as it's a bit more involved than your typical ROM installations.

Once you finalize the process, you'll have access to something truly special: an English version of one of the most unique monster-taming games around. If Rom Hacks scare you, there are other options for playing classic Medabots games.

Check out RG353V Retro Video Handheld Game Console

This console looks like a classic Gameboy Color but on steroids. It has USB C charging, Bluetooth, Wifi, and expandable memory. It is truly a retro gamer's dream come true and is the perfect console to play GBA and DS Medabots games. Unfortunately, you'll likely be limited to the US-released games, but that's a whole lot better than nothing!

Here is a list of games you can play on this beast of a retro gaming handheld. Keep in mind you may need to download some standard ROMs, no hacking or English patching is required, however.

  • Medabots AX Rokusho and Metabee Version - GBA

  • Medabots Rokusho and Metabee Version - GBA

  • Medabots Infinity - Gamecube

If ROMs and retro gaming handhelds aren't your speed, here are some of the best games like Medabots that I've played to date.

Game Platform PvP Customization Evolution
Custom Robo DS
Custom Robo GameCube
Medabots Mobile
SD Gundam Battle Alliance XBox Series X, XBox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch
LBX Little Battlers Multiple Platforms
Megabots Battle Arena Mobile
Botworld Adventures Mobile
Super Mechs: Battle Bots Arena Mobile

What is the best Medabots alternative?

Botworld Adventure

To date, the best alternative to Medabots is Botworld Adventure for mobile. It contains all the fun, RPG, and customization elements of the Medabots games while retaining a light enough story appropriate for all ages to enjoy.

In Botworld, you can evolve your bots, power them up, and assist them in battles by using Bot Power packs. The battle mechanics are fun but you cannot control the bot's actions during battle. The AI handles most of the heavy lifting , though you can initially control the bots' placement.

It's a great game, and currently, it's available for both iOS and Android. You can also play it on your PC using Google Play Beta. Check out my article on playing Botworld on PC here.

For my fellow Millennials who were lucky enough to play the Medabots online game, I was able to locate a Twitch video featuring it's gameplay. I remember spending hours on our family PC, slashing through opponents with my boy Rokusho.

3D Robattles

The game was unique because you didn't need to download any additional software to play. It ran flawlessly in your browser if you had a decent enough Internet connection. Enjoy a little nostalgia here: Medabots Online Game.

More Medabots, More Power!

No matter what medium you choose, a few hours of Medabots is sure to brighten your day. The series never got the attention it deserved here in the US, but with the use of ROMs, Emulators, and other tools, you can partner with your very own Medabot and Robattle to your heart's content.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 06/02/2024


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