Does Palworld Have Crossplay?

Palworld Crossplay

Palworld crossplay is not currently available at the time of writing, though PocketPair has indicated this will be possible with future updates. However, there are a few different ways to play your save file on different platforms that we'll discuss in the article.

Can you play Palworld on a Macbook?

Like many games, Palworld will not run on your MacBook Pro, at least not through the Steam app. To play Palword on Mac, you'll need to have access to an Xbox and strong enough patience for the cloud gaming experience.

Here's how to do it.

  • Plug in your favorite controller - To play Palworld and many titles, you'll have to use a controller. Mouse and keyboard are not supported for this title when played through Xbox Cloud Gaming.

  • Open up Chrome and head Xbox Cloud Gaming Service - A word of caution: Depending on your Internet, computing resources, and the current player count, your experience may be terribly laggy. This can be somewhat improved by using an ethernet connection but I've seldom had a flawless gaming session, even when wired.

Can you play Palworld on a Chromebook?

Yes, it's possible to play Palworld on Chromebook following the same methods listed in the instructions for playing on MacOS. However, many older (pre-2022 model) Chromebooks lack the computing power to run a resource-intensive game like Palworld without stuttering.

Fortunately, if you've got a Chromebook Plus or anything with 8GB+ RAM, an AMD Ryzen 5+ or Intel core i3+ you should be fine.

Can you play Palworld on mobile?

There is no mobile app for Palworld at the time of writing. There are some option to cast or stream the game to your mobile phone, but there is no way to actually play it using your Android or iOS-powered cell phone.

The best ways to play Palworld while on the go

If you're planning a road trip or need to kill some time in between boring business meetings, Palworld can be the ultimate boredom buster. Here are the best ways to play Palworld away from your Console or PC.

  • Buy a Steamdeck - The Steamdeck is my favorite gaming handheld and is powerful enough to run Palworld and many other games without issue. And, since the Steamdeck OLED was released you can buy refurbished Steamdecks for less 350 USD, which is around the cost of the Nintendo Switch OLED...but 1 billion times as powerful!

  • Use cloud gaming on your MacBook - The Macbook Pro with the M3Pro chip is the perfect balance of performance and battery life. If you can find a stable enough Internet connection, the 14-inch Macbook Pro could be your perfect mobile Palworld...pal (pun intended).

  • Buy a ROG Ally - My son has the ROG Ally and prefers it to the Steamdeck solely for aesthetics. He likes the white color and RGB. It is also a bit smaller than the Steamdeck, so it fits his smaller, 10-year-old hands better. If you prefer RGB and a smaller form factor, this is the perfect alternative to Valve's portable beast.

No matter how you play, enjoy Palworld!

Palworld is currently my favorite game. I've been a huge fan of the monster taming genre since I played Pokemon Red and Blue back in the late 90s. By far, the easiest way to play Palworld on a trip is the Steamdeck, here is a comparison to it and Nintendo Switch if you're interested in buying one.

If you like monster taming games like Palworld but want something with crossplay, check out Temtem. Once you've downloaded your copy, learn how to set up crossplay for it here.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 04/20/2024


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