How To Purchase Temtem Radars

where are the temtem radars for sale

Where do you purchase the Temtem Radars?

where do you buy temtem radars

The Temtem Radars are located on the end game island known as Tamers Paradise. Unlike Temtem Radars in the past, these do not expire and you are not limited to certain species each week.

How much does Temtem Radars cost?

where do you buy temtem radars

Instead of using Pansuns, you will need to buy radars with Feathers. These items can be obtain by defeating the various challenges throughout Tamers Paradise. The easiest so far, in my opinion is TamerSafari

The cost seems to vary based on rarity with more common Tems like Kaku only requiring 80 feathers, whereas Tems like Mimit cost 1,000.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 09/06/2022


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