How To Trigger a Meteorite Event in Palworld

Xenogard Mount

To trigger a Meteorite Event or a Supply Drop in Palworld, you must be logged into the game actively for at least three hours in real-time. Once three hours have elapsed, you'll see a large notice appear across your screen. It'll either say Supply Drop or Meteorite Event.

Only one of these events can trigger every three hours, so if you are waiting on a Meteorite event but a Supply Drop rolls around, you'll have to wait at least another three hours to try your luck with the RNG gods again.

There is currently no other way to trigger these events, but you can increase the odds of encountering a Zenogard, Zenovader, or Selyne by following these tips.

How to capture a Zenogard in Palworld

So far, the best place to encounter a Zenogard is in the area of the desert where you find Paladius and his partner in crime Necromus. I've had the best luck spawning Zenogards and Zenovaders in this area. Now, this is a desert, and much like real-life deserts, it is subject to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.

As such, you should bring appropriate clothing for the weather. Pack something Heat resistant and Cold resistant. Here is a simple but effective strategy to help you get your very own meteor dragon.

  1. Travel to the northernmost point in the desert (around the area where Paladius and Necromus spawn).
  2. Wait around three hours in real-time for your event to trigger. It's best to go AFK and get some chores or work done during this time.
  3. Once the event happens, jump on your fastest mount and speed to the location.
  4. If you didn't get the event you want, make note of your current time and enter it into my Palworld Event Timer below.

Palworld Event Timer

Please enter the time in HH:MM format.

Next Event Time:


Once you've logged your times for Meteor hunting, head over to the Small Settlement and purchase a Ring of Mercy. This handy tool will prevent you from knocking a Pal or Human out as it allows it to remain alive with at least 1 HP. It functions indentical to the move False Swipe in Pokemon.

However, it isn't a perfect solution as the game is still in early access it seems you can still knock an opposing Pal or human out with this equipped. This may be fixed in later updates, or it could be due to the item not working 100% of the time by design.

If you happen to find a Zenogard in the desert, it will be at level 33, so bring appropriately powered Pals to chip away at the alien's HP. Once it's low enough, start chucking those Legendary Spheres at him before the thugs kill him.

How to catch Xenovaders

Xenovader in the desert

Follow the same methods for catching Xenogard as you do for Xenovader. These cool little invaders come in pairs and are much more common and easier to catch than Xendogard.

And, as you'd imagine, they are a bit weaker than their draconic alien counterpart. Their levels are generally much lower than Xenogards at around level 15, no matter where they spawn.

Enjoy capturing aliens in Palworld

With these tips and tricks, you'll be well on your way to building the ultimate alien/meteor Palword team. If you're looking for a cool name for your guild or world, head over to my Palworld World Name Generator or the super fun Palworld Guild Name Generator.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 07/01/2024


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