How To Use Slicer In Botworld

melee bots in botworld

How do I get Slicer in Botworld?

Slicer is a melee bot that can be found in Scrapper Cost, Fall Grove, the Parched Sea, or the Frozen Wastes. Their frames can also be found as random drops from special chests (the green ones).

What are Slicer's abilities?

slicer botworld abilities

Slicer has some great abilities that allow it to move quickly and strike opponents down with ease. Its not a tank, however, so it can be worn down fast when up against other bots. Here are its abilities.

Name Description
Silce Slicer delivers quick and powerful strikes to bots at close range. The cooldown period is low, at half a second, so hits are made in rapid succession.
Leap This helps Slicer chase down fleeing bots or snipers who hug the perimeter of the battlefield. The cooldown period is 6 seconds.
Flurry As the name suggests, Slicer launches attacks rapidly at opposing bots. It has the longest cooldown period of its attacks at 10 seconds.

AI Build For Slicer

slicer ai build

For the AI build, I've been having pretty good success with the path that focuses on increasing Slicer's power and making it as "ninja like" as possible.

Name Description
Evasive Manuevers This upgrade gives Sliver the ability to dodge melee strikes from opponents 15% of the time. I'm not sure if it's just due to the sheer number of attacks that are thrown in a battle, but I have seen this activate numerous times is nearly every battle. You will see the word "dodge" flash across the screen when it activates.
Powerful Strikes This provides an extra 20% power boost to Slicer.
Critical Strikes This upgrade gives Slicer a 20% chance to land a critical hit which is double damage!
Unstoppable With this AI upgrade, Slicer is immune to slow and immobilizing effects of other bots. This is almost like the Limber ability in Pokemon as it prevents stuns and immobilization.
Stun Lock Slicer's ability, Flurry, stuns the unfortunate recipient of its blades.

How to use Slicer in Battle

how to use slicer in battle

Slicer is my Splasher and Sniper killer. I like to place him wherever those bots are hiding. As such, he plays well on the perimeter of the battlefield.

When placed directly in front of tanks like Bullwark, he doesn't fare nearly as well so it's best to avoid those, if at all possible. Slicer also struggled a bit against evaders like Flamer, albeit not as bad as Bullwark-like bots.

Is Slicer worth using?

Overall, Slicer is a great bot to use if your team struggles against range-centric attackers. Its attacks are cool and you can access them fairly early in the game. I got mine prior to progressing very far into the Great Desert. Just keep it away from tanks and it'll slice many bots for you.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 07/31/2022


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