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Is Yowlar the strongest Temtem?

Yowlar is sufficiently bulky with a great attack stat, high HP, good defense, and a solid special defense stat. However, in terms of stats alone, it is not the strongest Temtem around.

Why is the Temtem Yowler so popular?

The reason you see Yowler on so many squads is due in large part to its trait Comebacker. Comebacker increases the damage output of Yowler's attack by a whopping 35% if it takes damage that same turn.

Since Yowler has a base speed of 40, it will likely be close to the last Temtem to strike. As such, you will have plenty of opportunities to abuse its Comebacker trait.

What is the best Yowler moveset?

Any move set that aims to capitalize on Yowler using its most potent trait will work pretty well in many situations. Its other trait, Cold-Blooded is also great when paired with the move Hibernate. Hibernate in Temtem restores 35% of Yowler's HP and STA but causes the target to freeze for 3 turns.

For any other Temtem this would be disastrous, but not Yowlar. Cold-Blooded changes Frozen and Cold statuses to Regenerate for a single turn.

This turns the otherwise deadly status into an amazing buff that increases Yowlar's longevity. Check out these move sets that are sure to score you a few knockouts in your next battle.

Comebacker Set

Move Power Type STA Cost Hold Priority Effect
Clinch 85 Neutral 16 0 1 -
Oshi-Dashi 150 Melee 33 1 2 -
Ice Cubes 54 Water 15 0 2 -
Savage Suplex 140 Neutral 28 1 2 -

This set gives Yowler some coverage with a Water and Melee move. Ice Cubes, while low in base power, hits Fire types that outspeed Yowler for a lot of damage. In addition, when used with a Water-type partner, the STA cost is reduced to 9.

Oshi-Dashi is a powerful Melee-type move that helps Yowler smash opposing Crystal and Earth Tems. The final two moves are there for STAB and their lower-end priority.

Clinch in particular has a priority of 1 and when paired with Yowler's low speed almost guarantees you will get the 35% power boost.

What is the best TV spread for Yowler?

Ideally, you want Yowler to be as bulky and as powerful as possible. So, an even split of 500 TVs in Attack and 500 in HP works well.

Sacrificing 50 TVs in Attack for STA may be worthwhile to ensure you can launch as many moves as possible before resting.

Yowler's other set is great as well and is sure to annoy your opponent quite a bit.

Cold-Blooded Set

Move Power Type STA Cost Hold Priority Effect
Toughen - Earth 17 1 2 Boosts DEF by +4
Oshi-Dashi 150 Melee 33 1 2 -
Hibernate - Water 15 2 2 Inflicts 3 turns of Frozen but recovers 35% STA and HP
Savage Suplex 140 Neutral 28 1 2 -

With the Cold-Blooded Trait, Hibernate, and Tough, Yowler will be very hard to take down with a physical attack. In fact, only special Mental type attacks will be able to damage it severely.

Unlike the other set, this one will take some preparation and set-up before it can be effective. But once it is, you will have an impregnable defense on your side of the field.

Your ability to nuke opponents will be dampened since you are forfeiting the 35% attack boost. But, in exchange, your opponent will have to use many Tems to take your Yowler down.

Is Yowler Good For Tamer's Paradise?

Yowler's play style is better suited for the PvP environment, not in any of the end-game challenges. In challenges like Tamer Safari you want to use fast Tems with setup moves like Valash.

Yowler's Design

To be honest, I was never really a fan of this Temtem's design. I just don't think Yetis, or any other Big Foot variant are cool. Also, it looks like it has pigtails, which I'm not a fan of in general.

My personal disdain for this variant of mythical beast aside, its design is pretty original. The only "Yeti-like" creature from Pokemon that I can think of is Galarian Darmanitan.

There are some Temtem designs that look like they came straight from Game Freak, looking at you Raican, but this one looks completely original.

Temtem Lore

I was always fond of the lore around Pokemon fascinating. Unfortunately, to date, Temtem does not do much to expand on the lore of its creature.

We get some tidbits here and there through NPC dialog and Tempedia entries, but not enough to formulate any interesting theories. Yowler' lore is basically that of any allusive beast out in a remote location. It's very rare and a fierce defender of its large territory.

It is very similar to the Florida Panther in that it's extremely territorial and requires a vast amount of land to roam. Given our nature as humans to wreck whatever mother nature has built, deforestation in the world of Temtem probably led to Yowlar's habitat loss and subsequent scarcity in the wild.

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