How To Win Nanga Dojo Master Rematch

defeat tihani rematch

Best Team To Beat Tihani

Volarend and Mawmense are a nightmare for nearly everyone on her team except her Fire and Water Tems. So if you ban those two types first, the rest of her team should be a breeze. She doesn't have much that can handle a maximum HP TV invested Mawmense with Heavy Armor attached, regardless of her line up any given week.

best team for naga rematch

Here is the team I used to dominate!

Temtem Held Item
Mawmense Heavy Armor
Zaobian Double Screen
Gharunder War Drum
Volarend Hand Fan
Loatle Chamomile
Raignet Sweatband
Golzy Taser
Hedgine Fire Chip

Do they need to have perfect SVs?

raican tv spread

For Dojo rematches, perfect SVs are not necessary. I've beaten numerous Dojo leaders with Tems that have less-than-perfect stats. My Raican, for example, doesn't have any SVs above 49, and some as lower than 15. TVs, however, does seem to make a bit of difference as they can decide whether a hit knocks the opposing Temtem out or not. It can also make all the difference in the world when you are attempting to tank an attack.

Who should I lead with?

Lead with your Volarend and Mawmense. Together, they resist or can take nearly anything that her team can throw at you. If you are running the Special Attack variant of Volarend, you only have low base power Toxic moves, unfortunately.

As such, you probably won't OHKO any of her Tems. To knock them out you will need a few turns. Spamming even low cost moves eat away at Volarend's already brittle stamina fast. This downside can be augmented somewhat with the addition of a Sweatband. Its partner, Mawmense, can help it by spamming Plasma Beams to chip away at enemy HP and inflict one turn of the Burn status.

How do I win?

mawmense raid boss

Don't bring out your Hedgine until Ukama and Babawa, or her other Water Tems are out of commission. When they have been knocked out, Hedgine can help by taking out the remaining Nature, Melee, and Mental Tems on her team...if any. Saipat can be dangerous at full health since it can tank Hedgine's digital moves and then one-shot Hedgine with a water move.

If you don't want to use Hedgine, Raican works as well. Golzy is a nice backup in case your Raignet gets banned. If you managed to have it paired with Mawmense, you can spam Hasty Lunge without worrying about immediate exhaustion.

Focus on Keeping Volarend healthy and attacking with Toxic attacks. Mawmense can heal 20 percent of Volarend's HP to keep it alive longer with its move Revitalize. Volarend can also help wear down Platimous with its Wind moves if you don't manage to ban it.

Golzy or Raignet can take out Saipat, Ukama, and other Water Tems pretty easily, although Golzy can easily be worn down due to its lower-than-average defenses.

Tahini, in my opinion, is one of the easier Dojo Masters to defeat as she does not have a ton of fast, heavy hitters. I've used the team above to win on the first try for weeks now and it keeps me rolling in Pansuns!

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 05/24/2022


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