Kudos in Temtem

how do Kudos work in temtem

What are Kudos in Temtem?

Kudos in Temtem are in-game achievements that are rewarded with feathers and other items. If you played through early access and finished the main storyline, you probably have hundreds of unclaimed feathers in the Kudos menu.

Easiest feather farming in Temtem

rewards for kudos in temtem

Completing quests is by far the easiest way to farm feathers quickly in Temtem. Even the main story quests will earn a substantial amount of feathers. Outside of the main story, there are a number of other activities to complete for Kudos.

One of which is the Sociable Tamer Kudo. The only requirement for this achievement is to join or create a Temtem club.

join temtem club

You don't need to battle or interact with anyone to gain the reward, simply join and enjoy the feathers.

temtem club rewards

Try all the challenges in Tamer's Paradise

Each week you will receive a free token to participate in each event on the end game island. Take advantage of this as you will earn Kudos and feathers for completing each event in addition to whatever you were rewarded from the challenge itself.

For me, the Temtem post game is all about luma hunting, and for that I need a steady supply of feathers. If you have already earned all your Kudos, here are other ways to farm feathers in Temtem.

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