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Ensure your dynasty last for centuries to come with my House Name Generator. Each noble house name generate will come with you're family motto and sigil. To get you started, I've included six noble names below.

If you don't like them, simply click the generate button for a new set. Feel free to adjust the slider to generate as many names as you'd like.


For additional inspiration, I've listed some of my favorite noble houses in all of fantasy. Spoiler alert, many come from House of Dragon and Game of Thrones.

Best Noble Houses

  1. House Targaryen - The founding house of Westeros was a powerful dynasty that ruled for centuries. They had the ability to mount and tame fire breathing dragons.

  2. House Lannister - Though they possessed less fire power than the dragon tamers, their influence, wealth and cunning allowed them to run Westeros from behind the scenes for years.

  3. House Stark - House Stark was comprised of the most likeable and honrable characters in all of fantasy. However, this honor led them to make foolish decisions that resulted in the deaths of many noblemen and woman alike.

Have fun with more Nobility

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 06/16/2024


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