Pokemon Soul Silver ROM

pokemon soul silver on pc

Download DS Emulator

To use play Pokemon on PC or any other device outside of a Nintendo console, you'll need the appropriate emulator. The best emulator for the Nintendo DS that I've used to date is desemu.

To save some time, you can click here to download the 3DS emulator. Once clicked, you'll be presented with a zip file containing the emulator.

Next, simply unzip the folder to whatever location you choose and that's it! Now, you're almost ready to play Pokemon SoulSilver.

Download Pokemon SoulSilver

Next up, you'll need to download the game itself. Be careful when searching for ROMs as many sites contain malware that they will portray as an innocent Pokemon game.

If you're afraid of downloading the ROM some shady-looking site, here is a copy of Soul Silver for download.

Pokemon SoulSilver Action Replay Codes

Pokemon SoulSilver will provide hours of fun without cheats but if you want to enhance your gameplay a bit, here are some of the best codes I've used so far.

Pokemon SoulSilver Shiny Action Replay Code

I wanted to play through my favorite region with a shiny Totodile and this code enabled me to live out my childhood dream. Simply paste the below code into the cheats areas of the ROM and have a blast.

Pokemon SoulSilver All TMs Action Replay Code

This code makes your playthrough a little easier in the early parts of the game without making you so OP that it's no longer fun.

Here are the codes in action! Early on in my playthrough, I, along with my shiny Totodile encounter and equally shiny famous flying Pocket Monster.

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Posted by: Matt Irving on 04/02/2023


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